embrace desiresOne of the interesting things about working with the embracedesires team, besides discovering new and exciting playthings for our boudoirs, would be our conversations.  We recently talked about the variety of sex toys on the market and how improved they have become over the years.  One of our friends joined the conversation and brought up the old, hard plastic and jelly-type dildos from decades ago (*gasp!  Do people still use these?) and asked “Why doesn’t embracedesires carry them as a cheaper option for our consumers.”  After being picked up off of the floor from passing out (OK, so we were a little bit dramatic), and with all of the glam and fabulosity of our inner drag queen, we said…

People care about what goes into their bodies and we’re not talking about calories.

That’s why the team at embracedesires.com follows the rule of Oh No, we don’t! We don’t carry cheap quality merchandise. Period. We don’t carry low-grade porous products. You won’t find those jiggly, wiggly jelly dongs or other silly “insertables” you often find at some adult parties.  We don’t apologize for being adults who care.

diva embrace desiresCall us divas, but we have standards.

For one, we don’t carry products that contain potentially harmful chemicals, like phthalates.

We don’t carry products that remove sensation during sex.  You are supposed to feel every delectable, nuance that being intimate offers.  If, during sex, something hurts or you are uncomfortable doing something, stop doing it.  It’s your body’s natural reaction to danger.

We only carry products from manufacturers that use high quality materials such as medical grade, body safe silicone, erotic glass, stainless steel, and yes, even wood. Many products found on our site are also free from parabens.

We tell you this to let you know: We do care.  We care about you. That is why we offer high quality sensual products to enhance your sex life at affordable prices.

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