Which Lube to Use?

Okay, so it can be a little… let’s say different, to shop for things that aren’t usually on a grocery list, like Lube. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out which lube is the best, right? Well when saliva isn’t enough, and the lubricated condom isn’t really doing the job, there are other good options….. Really damn good if you ask me (and you are).You’ve got your Water Based lubes, and these are the most condom compatible lubrication on the market. They’re smooth, not messy and cleaning up happens in a snap.There are also Silicone Based lubes, which are quite amazing because they last so much longer! It stays nice and slick so reapplying is not necessary. They are highly recommended for anal penetration.
For those of you who frequent the sexy southern regions, Flavored enhanced lube is something you can wrap your lips around.
There are also some lubes that are actually Fertility Friendly so you can still start a family without damaging your team’s little swimmers!
We don’t discriminate, if a man wants to ”shake a hand and make a friend” so to speak, there are lubes just for him. Male Masturbation lubricants with just the right ingredients that allows him to take care of himself the way he likes

Personal lubricants, or intimate lubrication, whatever you choose to call it is just a liquidy substance that you apply to your most personal, rather intimate spots to prevent dryness during intercourse or masturbation.
Check out the variations of lubes available.

Water Based

Water based lubricants are personal lubricants that are water soluble.  Water – Based Lubricants are personal lubricants that are water soluble. This means that they are smooth, and your skin as well as mucus membranes will absorb them easily.  They are easy to wash off of the skin and are condom compatible.

This means the skin absorbs it, causing eventual dryness, usually leaving behind some residue.  Requires frequent reapplication.  Look for water based lubricants with Carrageenan, like Intimate Organics’ DEFENSE – Sea Kelp & Guava Bark personal lubricant.

“The National Cancer Institute (NCI) found that — in a test tube — carrageenan, as an ingredient, inhibits the infectious ability of viruses that cause cervical cancer and genital warts. The NCI findings, as reported in a peer-reviewed journal published by The Public Library of Science, are being studied for its potential impact in combating the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Guava Bark – is used in the Amazon as a douche to treat and prevent yeast infections. In Brazil guava is considered an astringent”

The drawbacks of water – based lubricants are that eventually, they dry out and you will have to reapply it.  The other materials in water – based lubricants usually leave an unpleasant sticky residue which can be effortlessly removed with soap and water.

 Silicone Based

Silicone – Based Lubricants are not absorbed by the skin.  It stays on the skin’s surface giving a slick, smooth glide.   It lasts longer than water – based lubricants.  Silicone – based lubricants are great for anal penetration.  Unlike the vagina and mouth, the anus does not produce its own moisture.  Just don’t use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys – it will damage the material.  When using condoms with silicone – based lubricants, always check the condom label and use as directed. Swiss Navy has a premium silicone formula that has leaves a smooth velvety finish on the skin.


Personal lubricants blended with certified organic botanical ingredients to heal and moisturize your intimate areas.  Try Sliquid Organics for a full line of certified organic personal lubricants.

In the United States, the first certified organic personal lubricant labeled with the USDA organic seal was Nude Personal Lubricant, which was created in 2004 by Applied Organics. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates lubricant as a medical device rather than as a cosmetic. Because of strict FDA guidelines for medical devices, Buddy Morel said his company was told its product could not carry a USDA seal for Nude Personal Lubricant, and that it should be very careful about using the term organic anywhere on its label.


A combination of water and lubricant.  Usually creamier than water, and does not leave behind any gooey residue.  Not compatible with silicone toys.

Bodywise, the makers of Liquid Silk, boasts of making the subtle art of making people fit together and reducing friction in relationships;  We also like the creamy look and feel of it.

Specialty Lubes include:


Personal lubricants, usually water based with flavor enhancers to improve oral sex.

Fertility Friendly:

Fertility lubricants, also known as sperm-friendly lubricants, are formulated to be safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive.  It is important to choose your lubes carefully since most lubes including water and saliva can actually damage sperm preventing them from swimming normally.  Fertility specific lubricants do not contain spermicides.  Choose a water-based lubricant specifically designed for conception like Pre-Seed Lubricant if pregnancy is your goal.  Pre-Seed is a water-based lubricant specifically designed to be used by couples trying to conceive. While many lubricants can actually interfere with the conception process either by slowing down sperm on their way to the cervix or killing them due to a pH mismatch, Pre-Seed is pH balanced to keep sperm alive and healthy.


Stimulating lubricants are designed to enhance your arousal by increasing sensual sensitivity using either a warming or cooling sensation. If you are into ultimate decadence, Luxe Boudoir Inspirational Gel produces a sensational cooling effect.


Besides using personal lubricants to combat vaginal dryness or sexual intercourse, there are lubricants best suited for other sexual activities.

Anal Specific

Unlike the vagina and the mouth, the anus does not provide its own moisture.  Silicone lubes are thicker and last longer than water based lubes since silicone lubes do not dry out or leave any yucky residue behind.  Silicone based lubricants are great for anal penetration

Male Masturbation

Lubricants designed specifically with men in mind.  They are designed to be thicker and contain extra fat, waxes and other properties to allow them to be able to withstand the rigorous friction that comes from male masturbation.