Valentine’s Day Checklist

Ok, admit it.  You lost track of time.  It seems as if just last week you were celebrating the New Year.  Now Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you have no idea if you will have everything ready for your sweetheart.  No fear, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day checklist for you so you can come off looking amazing.

♥ Candles

Light Your Lover’s Fire with Candles

Nothing quite sets the mood like candles.  The flickering of the flame, the sensual aromas coming from it, is guaranteed to have your honey already thinking of what they will do to you.

Tip:  Set up a row of small tea candles along the path to your bedroom.

Align candles on the bathroom counter.

Light some candles and have dinner by candlelight.

♥ Music

Let’s Get It On with Sultry Music

It has been said that music calms the savage beast (this works especially well if you have been naughty), play some seductive, sultry music.  Create a sensual playlist for your lover, and let it play (make sure you have it on repeat so the music continuously loops and you don’t need to stop enjoying each others’ company

♥ Lingerie

Put on Something to be Taken Off

Hopefully you have enough time to order something sexy, but if not, take YOUR favorite piece of lingerie that you enjoy seeing your partner in, CLEAN it, and tell your lucky lover how much you enjoy seeing them in it….and then slooooowly remove it (be daring and try doing this with your teeth!!)

♥ Flowers

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Use Flowers to say, “I Love You”.

If you don’t have the time, or space, to grow your own roses, go to your nearest supermarket, and buy a bunch.  No need to concern yourself about the quality of the petals, you are going to pick the petals off and either place them in a warm, relaxing bath for two, mark the way to your favorite place to make love (it doesn’t always have to be the bedroom) or simply make a heart out of them on top of a freshly made bed.

♥ Massage

Rub Each Other the Right Way

This is where the fun starts.  First, grab a large plush towel; you will get a bit messy here.  Then reach for your favorite massage oil, or create your own.  All you need to create your own massage oil is either: Almond, Virgin Coconut, or Olive Oil (you can find these at your local supermarket) and add some scented fragrance to it. Finally, in slow sensual motions, glide your hands all over each other to your heart’s desire.

♥ Poetry

Say I Love You

You are going for a home run, a touchdown, a knock out with this!  Read your lover a verse or two from an erotic novel, poetry or write your own.  You are looking for ways to tell your lover in a unique way, that you love them.  Of course, you tell them, “I love you” throughout the year, but make the words you say on this day special.

Edible Aphrodisiacs

Boost your libido and sweeten your love life

 valentines day cinnamon embrace desiresCinnamon – Scent your bed with spices.  Cinnamon has been around since the ancient times.  An oil blend of cinnamon was reportedly used by the Queen of Sheba to seduce King Solomon. Cinnamon has also been reportedly used to perfume a lover’s bed.  It has worked since biblical times, so give it a try – no more than a teaspoon.  Ingesting too much cinnamon is NOT a good thing may cause vomiting and vomiting is not sexy at all).

 valentines day cherries embracedesiresCherries Ever heard of men seeking younger brides with lips like cherries? So go on, and Pop that cherry right into your lover’s mouth! (Just have a bowl nearby so you can spit out the pits). Aside from the sexy reference to virginity cherries are delicious, especially when paired with chocolate. Certain cherries have musky scents and contain potassium, necessary to stimulate pheromones (the hormone, essential for sexual attraction). Cherries also contain an antihistamine component that aids in physical exertion.

chocolate valentines day embracedesiresChocolate – How could we give you a list without including some sensual chocolate?  Chocolate has a richness to its color and a smooth silkiness to its texture that is soooo sexy.   Liquid chocolate has a seductive fluidity to it that invites you to put it in your mouth.  Chocolate contains both Tryptophan the building block of Serotonin and Phenylethylamine –like an amphetamine, released when the body is aroused. These mood enhancing chemicals are found in the brain. The Aztec emperor Montezuma, reportedly had over 600 wives used to drink “copious” amounts of chocolate to keep them satisfied.  If you need any more reasons to include chocolate in your Valentine seduction think of Lover extraordinaire, Cassanova, who is said to have given up drinking wine in favor of chocolate before his trysts with his many lovers.

“Twill Make Old Women Young and Fresh

Create New Motions of the Flesh.

And Cause them long for you know what,

If they but taste of chocolate.”

A History of the Nature and Quality of Chocolate

James Wadworth (1768-1844)