I had this wonderful realization about head. It is so much more enjoyable when you actually give a damn about the person (go figure)! I get quite turned on knowing that he is enjoying himself and I am the cause. He loves it especially when I venture down to his nether regions without him hinting, or asking, or begging or…you get the picture,
Back then, head was never a big deal to me, I was neither for or against it. I now find myself enjoying it more and more the longer he and I are together. In the bedroom– or any room we vacate at the moment– I immediately take charge, I usually switch up my methods of attack each time we do ”the do”, but slobbin’ the knob is one of the best ways to go! 
Already confident in my technique (’cause practice makes perfect) I straddle him, and make sweet little trails of kisses, nips and nibbles downward til I reach my destination. I take him in my mouth all sexy like, looking at him, my eyes commanding his to watch me. I don’t do the spit thing like they do in porn, it grosses me out, however I do believe that dry or even a semi dry erection is horrible, so I let it sit in my mouth while it builds up saliva and I am literally SALIVATING over him. Once he’s nice and moist, I continue to go to work.
I make real good sloppy slurping noises, and moan like he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, but proceed with caution though, too much enthusiasm causes excitement and he will buck and thrust in your mouth (trust me) but remember, you’re in control, and you can nip that in the bud by placing a firm– not crushing– grip with your hand to remind him who’s boss.
And since we have now added the almighty hand into the equation, it would only be fair to call on a little teamwork. I keep my hand in a steady rhythm, not too fast, just enough to keep him vocal. Now that we’re in the rhythmic simualtion stage, my mouth becomes the most powerfully used in combination with my hand, with my attention mainly focused on the tip and the frenulum, the most sensitive part of the penis (on a side note ladies and maybe a few gentlemen: the frenulum is the thin. nerve-rich membrane that attaches- or – attached if he’s been circumsized – the foreskin to the head and shaft of the penis.)
I maintain my firm grip on the base and keep my lips over the tip, as I start working my head up and down over aforementioned frenulum, little known fact, but that action will naturally create suction. No need for deep throating here, cause that trick alone already has him jerking and twisting and stifling moans!
The moment of truth, he let’s me know he’s almost there and my pace doesn’t let up. Now many people don’t like it but as I mentioned before, I’ve come to enjoy pleasing him, so he let’s me have it, and I take it all in, and what really puts the nail on the coffin is to keep sucking for a few seconds after he’s finished, and looky, looky 8..9…10 DING it’s a knockout!