Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

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So we’ve been asked this question by more than one person and realized that it needed an answer.  While we are not psychiatrists, nor are we psychologists, we do have a bit of experience in relationships.

You can always open up with us.

Q: I’m a woman in her mid twenties and was asked by this guy that I just started seeing (we haven’t even had sex yet but he had the nerve to ask)  how many sexual partners have I had. I thought that was an inappropriate and invasive question and I stop talking to him. Am I  overreacting? I don’t think that is any of his business.

A:  In this day and age of increasing cases of H.I.V., and other STI’s on the rise, it is important to have the discussion of previous partners and past sexual activity.  That being said, disclosure of past exposures or contractions of STI’s should be a conversation to have with any potential partner before you become intimate.  It is the responsible thing to do.

Tell us what you think this woman should do.  Is she being immature for cutting this guy off?

Release the Power of your Vagina.

You’ve heard of it existing.  Maybe you believe you have one.  But men already know of the power of the V and how it can bring a lover to their  knees in ecstasy and in some instances, the poor house.

It’s that moment when your kitty is being stroked, and you hear him moan, “mmm, this is some good pussy” Bamm!  That’s your confirmation right there that you have that good good. Sorry to tell you, ladies, but…  No, it isn’t.

Men put on verbal performances too (yes, men fake pleasure sounds)  so, ladies we must pay attention to their body language as well as what we hear.

Read on to discover more ways to make him mean it when he tells you that your pussy is good.

While having intercourse, squeeze, really squeeze those kegel muscles! Squeeze  on every up stroke if you can.  If you’re too wet or feels too loose, change positions.  Make your vagina the victorious one.

There is no such thing as sex just happening.  Every morning that you wake up is an opportunity to be sexually active.

  • Make sure you shower and groom yourself every day in anticipation of an impromptu romp.
  • If your daily routine includes the gym after work, keep a fresh pack of cleansing wipes designed specifically for a woman’s delicate and most sensitive area.
  • Give him a sweet treat to eat.  Keep some edible dusting powder stored discreetly in a small zippered plastic bag or a stylish compact case.  We prefer a small compact case with two compartments, one for our edible powders and the other side for our condoms.
  • Go for pussy power!  Train your pelvic walls.  Do kegel exercises every day, every hour (ok, that may not be possible for some, but on your way to work, in a meeting, during lunch – you get the idea). If you need more resistance for your vaginal walls, purchase pelvic floor exercise tools. They come in different shapes, from eggs to wands, and in a variety of weights.
  • Keep that kitty pretty. There is no better feeling than undressing and showing off a beautifully adorned kitty cat.  As part of your grooming process, consider changing your hair color down there, or trimming your hair in special designs or shapes.

For the woman who loves glitz and glamour, add some sparkling crystals to your pubic area.  Don’t worry about the crystals they have adhesive backings so you can reposition them when they get moved around (and they will) during sex.

Claim your victory for your vagina and you too can have power in your pussy.

Did You Know? Your new partner is the reason for that itch

It never fails.  You meet a new guy and start making out.  The sex that follows, is great the first time, and you can’t wait to hook up with this potential again.  You find yourself at home, and you begin twitching in your chair.  You just know this fool didn’t give you anything, and now you think to yourself, shit!, I should have made him use a condom.

All of the sti fears aside, the cause of the itch may be a simple explanation.  His semen is alkaline, and your vagina, is acidic.  Very acidic.

Our body is a very peculiar object.  We have all of these wonderful pleasure receptors, but when it comes to intimacy, we seem to lose consciousnesses.  Who knew that our bodies were more susceptible to infections in new relationships.  Our body chemistry needs to adjust to his body chemistry.  Until then, we may feel a bit irritated.  As long as there isn’t any dripping, leaking or foul smells coming from your vagina (contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms) your body is just getting used to your new man.

Keeping Your Kitty Clean – Lessons your mother forget to tell you.

Most mothers teach their little girls how to clean their lady bits.  Always wipe from front to back. Some lessons, she probably forgot to tell you because she didn’t know herself.

Besides simply wiping from front to back after using the bathroom, there are other equally important things a woman must do to keep her kitty clean?

  • Keep those body scrubs, soaps, and feminine washes away from the vajajay.  Yes, they may smell amazing, but the chemicals used in producing them actually promote yeast infections and other skin irritations.  Who wants to make monthly visits to the gyn, because of soap irritation when you can avoid the cause of the problem yourself?
  • If you feel the need to clean your self-cleaning poonanny, be gentle with her.  Never use regular soap inside of your vagina.  Use a gentle, low pH soap like Basis, Pears, Cetaphil, or SebaMed for the inner labia.  Allow your p-ssy, to smell like a p-ssy. Treat her right, and you will reap the benefits.
  • When in the shower cleaning that good good, use your freshly washed bare hands as washcloths may contain dust or other germs from the air.  Better yet, use a handheld shower head.  You will not only hit your sweet spot during your alone time in the shower, but you can use the force of the water to clean out your most intimate area.
  • When you’re all done, pat yourself dry – don’t rub your skin with the towel.
  • tip: *Use a blow dryer on cool to dry off.

New Release We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection

It seems the idea of having better sex is a popular one. Around the world, millions of people are already enjoying the growing line of elegant, high-quality and body-safe sexual wellness products. We-Vibe® is a global sensation, garnering rave reviews, massive media coverage and major awards. From sexual health and relationship experts to industry insiders and opinion-makers — everyone loves We-Vibe.

We Vibe Passionate Play collection

Now We-Vibe releases the Passionate Play Collection and you can get yours now .  The perfect gift for a happy couple, the We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection includes a limited-edition aqua blue We-Vibe 4 Plus, pearl white Tango and Silky Sash for fun play. This kit makes a fantastic wedding, anniversary, bridal shower or birthday gift for those who are tired of the ordinary. The We-Vibe 4 Plus provides 10 modes plus custom vibration playlists and a wireless remote control that can also be used with the We-Connect app. The rechargeable Tango offers powerful, quiet vibrations in 8 modes and can also be matched with any of the We-Vibe Dusk or Glow. The bonus Silky Sash can be used as a blindfold or gentle restraint.

Petals and Chocolate. Summer in the City

It’s summer in the city. It’s hot, steamy and sultry. Perspiration is pouring out of my  body. My clothes are sticking to my body and I am uncomfortable. I think to myself, I can’t wait to get home, take off these clothes and take a refreshing shower. The ride home is an especially long and overcrowded commute.   Just my luck! The air conditioning in my car is broken so the drive from the station is almost unbearable. My desire to cool off is intense.  Because of this thick heat, my body is drained of energy and my mind feels like it’s cotton candy.
At last I arrive home. As I open the door I am shocked to see rose petals scattered on the floor. My initial reaction is , oh no now I have to clean this before I shower!!??!  Then it clicks..they are not scattered. They are words spelling out:  ‘Your bath is drawn.’  Is it possible?? My curiosity piqued, tired and sweaty I head to the bathroom, hell yeah I want to get in the tub! To my surprise my partner is there and without a word slowly undresses me, caressing and stroking my body with  the softest feather I’ve ever felt as each piece of clothing is slowly, sensually removed. I cannot believe this. I am dripping in sweat yet being treated as if I was as fresh as a daisy!  It is delicious!!  There is an intoxicatingly heady musky scent in the air that clears away the cotton candy and relaxes me . The unpleasantness of the weather is forgotten as my own heat arises.  I notice the bathroom is bathed in the light of numerous candles burning. The heat from the candles mixed with my own doesn’t even bother me. I start to speak but I am stopped by the most passionate kiss ever as I am gently lifted into a warm fragrant tea bath. A sigh of contentment escapes my lips as I sink into the warm welcoming water.  My lover smiles and slips in the tub with me, planting soft sweet kisses all over my body. Those fingers dancing over my clit are those of a virtuoso skillfully playing a instrument.  Tension flows out of my body as G- spot  is expertly, repeatedly hit sending waves and waves of ecstasy over me. It is exquisite!!  I attempt to give my lover as much pleasure as I’ve received, but am not permitted that opportunity. Instead, my legs are spread apart, and underwater he goes! I am given the best head I have ever had… right in the tub!!!  No longer hot (from the weather)  I am shaking form this most intense lovemaking underwater.  Water from the tub has been splashed almost completely out from our frantic lovemaking.
After we dry each other off, I am blindfolded and lead into the bedroom. It is intriguing as well as seductive. All of my senses are heightened. The air seems charged with electricity.   I am guided onto the bed and luxuriate in the  cool silken sheets against my body. There is a light fragrant scent .. which is oddly arousing me again.  My hands are deftly and gently handcuffed  behind me and my body shivers as I feel light deliberate strokes massaging and brushing warm oil on me…. and do I smell chocolate???

Blow His Mind – 8 Surefire Tips to Give a Toe Curling Blow Job

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We still have discussions about it even to this day.  What is the one complaint that men have when it comes to receiving oral sex?  This topic even had a few us girls at happy hour wondering if we were performing it perfectly (we all think we are Super Duper at it) or are our partners just there for the ride. So we’ve asked a few real men in our Facebook page what would be the perfect way for a woman to perform fellatio.  The top complaint men had were TEETH.  Do people still have problems buffering those pearly whites?  Apparently so.  So here’s what the fellas are saying:

  • Watch your teeth!  Must you still be reminded?  OK. Many people don’t  like to have their sensitive skin scraped against when they are in the throes of passion.  Here’s a tip to prevent grinding against your partners magic stick.  Let your mouth fill with spit (yes the wetter, the better).  Pull your lips under your teeth as if you need to shave your upper lip and go down, down baby.
  • Offer to give head – Be warned:  You must be confident to do this.  Confidence is sexy.  Although this may seem simple enough to do, but a lot of men still feel like they have to ask for oral pleasure.  Besides, when you’re exceptional at your talents, show off! Who can turn down a great offer.
  • Take it to the top – The head of the penis is extremely sensitive.  Use your tongue to firmly caress the entire bulbous mound.  Unlike some women who prefer a gentle approach, men tend to prefer a more vigorous touch.
  • Juggling acts belong in the circus – But ball juggling in the bedroom is ok. Just be easy on his nuts.  We hear they are very sensitive.  You can gently, and we cannot stress this enough, gently massage his balls with your hands (this is the juggling part), but too much and you may find your aggressive attempt at seduction leaving your partner quivering in pain. Think more like shifting his balls in one hand.
  • Please keep your hands inside the ride When you have the skill to delicately massage his balls in your mouth, remember to stroke the shaft.  Keep your well lubricated hands all over him.
  • Send a bing-bong to his ding dong.  When you have him inside of your hot, wet mouth make some noise.  No, not any kind of noise.  Don’t worry about what your mother said about making noise while you have something in your mouth.  Make a delicious sound of slurping and humming and moaning you get while you are licking and sucking.  Wait, we need a break… Ok, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, you want your partner into it, so you need to be into it as well.  A nice hum from your mouth while performing oral sex can simulate the gentle vibration he would get from a male vibrator.
  • Go for a happy ending.  Put it in your mouth.  Not into swallowing your partner’s load? Play with his cum in your mouth.  Blow big semen filled bubbles.  Or let him release himself on you.  It’s like they get to see their hot naughty fluids for the first time.
  • BONUS:  Rub it in.  Go on, rub his semen on you.  Using his semi erect penis, massage all of his creamy semen all over your face.  This bold seductive act shows him that you love every inch of him.  If you’re daring, you can even lightly tap your face if he is still leaking to get every last drop

Sharing is caring.  Share your blow job tips with us.

The anatomy of your anatomy

If you have a vagina, or know someone who does, you should continue reading.

Mr Know Body

As promised from my last post, I am going to attempt to explain and illustrate the anatomy of the female genitalia….aka “your bits” (if you’re a female that is). It is important to understand what you own, and as I type it will become apparent why.

It is also important to understand why I did not go any further than grade 9 art. As I draw it will become apparent why.

If you are a man and are thinking of switching off because this is irrelevant to you directly……keep reading. You might not own the bits yourself, but certainly someone you know and love just might (think of your mother….see you definitely know one person!). And you might just solve a big calamity someday by understanding what’s going on down there, and sharing some insight into common misconceptions.

So while it is quiet, and raining, on a Friday night (rather…

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Male Menopause – When Your Man is on His Period

He’s tried performance enhancing pills and nothing works.  He’s tired.  He’s moody.  He  won’t get into the mood. And now he’s acting like a grumpy old man.

We have been saying it for years.  Men go through some form of menopause as they age. Their testosterone levels decrease, and they start acting funny.  Whether it’s mood swings, unexplained aches and pains or change in sexual function, men still go through what doctors call Andropause.

Man oh Manopause
Man oh Manopause

There is hope!  Just as women have treatments to ease the symptoms of menopause, so do men.  Men can talk to their physicians and ask their doctors for an exam to test whether or not their testosterone levels are low.  If that is the case, they can consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  A combination of antidepressants and  TRT will help relieve decreases in libido, depression and fatigue.  Keep in mind this treatment combination does have adverse side effects especially if you suffer from prostate cancer that you may want to discuss with your doctor.

What do you think?  Do you know of any men who act like they go through “periods”?  Let us know.

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