It never fails.  You meet a new guy and start making out.  The sex that follows, is great the first time, and you can’t wait to hook up with this potential again.  You find yourself at home, and you begin twitching in your chair.  You just know this fool didn’t give you anything, and now you think to yourself, shit!, I should have made him use a condom.

All of the sti fears aside, the cause of the itch may be a simple explanation.  His semen is alkaline, and your vagina, is acidic.  Very acidic.

Our body is a very peculiar object.  We have all of these wonderful pleasure receptors, but when it comes to intimacy, we seem to lose consciousnesses.  Who knew that our bodies were more susceptible to infections in new relationships.  Our body chemistry needs to adjust to his body chemistry.  Until then, we may feel a bit irritated.  As long as there isn’t any dripping, leaking or foul smells coming from your vagina (contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms) your body is just getting used to your new man.