It’s summer in the city. It’s hot, steamy and sultry. Perspiration is pouring out of my  body. My clothes are sticking to my body and I am uncomfortable. I think to myself, I can’t wait to get home, take off these clothes and take a refreshing shower. The ride home is an especially long and overcrowded commute.   Just my luck! The air conditioning in my car is broken so the drive from the station is almost unbearable. My desire to cool off is intense.  Because of this thick heat, my body is drained of energy and my mind feels like it’s cotton candy.
At last I arrive home. As I open the door I am shocked to see rose petals scattered on the floor. My initial reaction is , oh no now I have to clean this before I shower!!??!  Then it clicks..they are not scattered. They are words spelling out:  ‘Your bath is drawn.’  Is it possible?? My curiosity piqued, tired and sweaty I head to the bathroom, hell yeah I want to get in the tub! To my surprise my partner is there and without a word slowly undresses me, caressing and stroking my body with  the softest feather I’ve ever felt as each piece of clothing is slowly, sensually removed. I cannot believe this. I am dripping in sweat yet being treated as if I was as fresh as a daisy!  It is delicious!!  There is an intoxicatingly heady musky scent in the air that clears away the cotton candy and relaxes me . The unpleasantness of the weather is forgotten as my own heat arises.  I notice the bathroom is bathed in the light of numerous candles burning. The heat from the candles mixed with my own doesn’t even bother me. I start to speak but I am stopped by the most passionate kiss ever as I am gently lifted into a warm fragrant tea bath. A sigh of contentment escapes my lips as I sink into the warm welcoming water.  My lover smiles and slips in the tub with me, planting soft sweet kisses all over my body. Those fingers dancing over my clit are those of a virtuoso skillfully playing a instrument.  Tension flows out of my body as G- spot  is expertly, repeatedly hit sending waves and waves of ecstasy over me. It is exquisite!!  I attempt to give my lover as much pleasure as I’ve received, but am not permitted that opportunity. Instead, my legs are spread apart, and underwater he goes! I am given the best head I have ever had… right in the tub!!!  No longer hot (from the weather)  I am shaking form this most intense lovemaking underwater.  Water from the tub has been splashed almost completely out from our frantic lovemaking.
After we dry each other off, I am blindfolded and lead into the bedroom. It is intriguing as well as seductive. All of my senses are heightened. The air seems charged with electricity.   I am guided onto the bed and luxuriate in the  cool silken sheets against my body. There is a light fragrant scent .. which is oddly arousing me again.  My hands are deftly and gently handcuffed  behind me and my body shivers as I feel light deliberate strokes massaging and brushing warm oil on me…. and do I smell chocolate???