O! Yes! 7 Benefits of Orgasms

Let’s talk.  There are many people who love sex.  They really love sex, and we love them too.  It’s the best use of their time, actually.  These aren’t the type of people who use the old headache excuse to avoid sex, these people – our people – love to get down and dirty.

But did you know that there are many advantages to having sex. Not the typical procreation perks, but real health benefits.  When you’re having sex,  and you’re doing all of the right things, it leads to orgams, and orgasms,  my friends lead to wonderful health benefits,  even when engaging in self pleasure.

Orgasms not only feel good to you they are also good for you. According to the experts, not just us, the act of achieving an orgasm effects your well-being in unique ways.

So no more excuses for not attempting to achieve an orgasm. Having an orgasm is a tried and true method to reduce stress, that with a little forethought, can be achieved anywhere.

Just think how healthier you become after every orgasm.

Orgasm benefits

Pain reliever – It hurts so good. Endorphins increase your pain tolerance by 70%.

Anti-aging bonus  – Dah-ling, you look mahvelous. Regular orgasms release  DHEA (DEHYDROEPIANDROESTERONE) – don’t worry about how to pronounce it, just know that it restores skin, repairs damaged tissues, and helps the skin look more youthful and plump. It’s like the fountain of youth is within your grasp.

Reduces stress and depression – Going to the spa is nice to de-stress, but going to get laid is better. Another chemical released during orgasm is oxytocin a poweful stress reliever.

Improves memory and brain function  – now who’s the smarty pants. During climax, your blood circulation increases which helps transport oxygen rich nutrients to the brain.

Sleep Aid – Who doesn’t want to fall asleep after a great lay? Oxytocin the stress relieving lovers hormone, and endorphins are released promoting restful sleep and encouraging tension release.

Boosts immune system – Because it’s cold and flu season somewhere. High levels of immunoglobulin A, protects us from the common cold.

Aids in weight loss – skip the gym, go for the big O! Orgasms curb your appetite with the release of dopamine. You can also get a good cardio workout during a half hour of sex burning at least 65 calories per position, per session. The  more you do it the better it is for you.