September is Pleasure Your Mate Month


When it comes to satisfying your mate, their pleasure should be your #1 priority. No need to wait for Valentine’s day in February to display love and affection when September is Pleasure Your Mate Month. We, at, want to make sure that you have what you need to give your mate as much erotic pleasure as they can enjoy — not just for a month, but all year round.

New Positions

Missionary style sex positions have been performed since you first started having intercourse. Break away from ordinary vanilla sex. Try a new position to reignite passion. Embrace the sensual creature that is within you. It is easy to add mystery and intrigue into your bedroom romp. Get some inspiration from Cosmo’s 28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions. Or simply climb on top of your lover, and just as he thinks he will be entering you as he gazes into your beautiful eyes, turn your body facing away from him giving him a full and wondrous view of all of that junk in your trunk – yes, girl, show off your Badonk! He’ll enjoy a handful of your booty as you ride him sex positions Bronzed reverse cowgirl embracedesires Reverse Cowgirl style. Yee Haw

Different Locations

Talk That Talk

Technology has made it challenging to engage in stimulating conversations. Use the advancements that are at your fingertips. Send a flirty (or dirty!) text message to your partner.  While you are in the nude, FaceTime your mate, Android users will have to go for video chat, and let them watch you fondle yourself.  Don’t have the time to chat?  Send them a sultry picture message, don’t worry about prying eyes, there are plenty of apps that can delete your message and your picture after it’s sent.

The bedroom is usually the most convenient location to make love. Change the ambiance is the bedroom is your only option. Pleasure your partner with the lights on if the lights are usually off. Notice the sweat dripping from your partner’s skin. How’s that for arousal?



Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you are ready and able to try different locations for your sexual encounters, release your inhibitions and accept your adventurous self (be mindful of any local indecency laws in your area). Try this: Go out for a nice evening –sans panties of course, seize the opportunity for a quick scandalous tryst in the bathroom, alongside a building, on an empty train car, or a park.


If you are more of an indoors type of girl, ride your mate once you park your car in the garage. But hurry before the parking attendant comes checking on you. If you have a garage attached to your home, you are in luck, because you can just have coitus un-interruptus in your own garage.


When you finally make it home, you can have sex right there on the stairs. If you live in an apartment building, you have the heightened adrenaline rush of your neighbors walking up or down the stairs and getting a glimpse of you mid stroke.



Damn those comfy bucket seats that cradles you oh so nicely! They are not the most sex friendly, we know. No one likes having the gearshift pressing so hard against their flesh that it leaves you numb, or your ass honking the horn when it gets soooo good. So it’s climbing into the backseat you two go.


Because Toys, ARE Us!

“Love has no limits (but it does have a safe word)”.

Forget sending her roses to turn her on. Surprise her with a set of sexy restraints made from sensual silk. The decadent feel of soft, smooth fabric against her skin as you bind her hands is intoxicating. Make your lover your sex slave, even if it is only for the night. Once you have your partner tied up, reach for a powerful, yet quiet vibrator and stimulate her clitoris, varying the intensity. Ladies, you can blindfold you man and slip a comfortable ring on his (no, not his finger) already stiffening manhood and enjoy his cockiness.

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