She doesn’t really like him that much. To be truthful, when they were together as an exclusive couple during their college years, they were incompatible, to say the least.

The rekindling of their “relationship” quickly turned them into becoming sex buddies.  It was the typical “I will call you when I want sex from you”.  It has worked for them many years after their exclusive relationship ended.

He wasn’t all that bad.  He did have one remarkable thing about him.  He knew how to go down on her, and he was great at it.  There’s nothing wrong with just wanting a man because he can eat good pussy is it? Her thoughts are, men keep women around for similar reasons so why shouldn’t she be able to as well.  Anyway, they’ve known each other a long time, four years to be exact and even though they hardly speak on the phone, they manage to remain friendly towards one another.

Their sex buddy agreement was she gets to decide when, how, where, and how, he was simply there for her pleasure.

Earlier in the week, they agreed to meet, she was horny and he was in willing. He missed her taste.  Her curves.  He missed her scent. Suffice it to say that he anticipated her visit as much as she anticipated his.  She took her hot bubble bath to get the seductive scent she knew turned him on, to soak into her skin, swallowed her Sweeten69 secretion sweetener pills so her juices taste sweeter,

(after all, he was coming for a meal) had a couple glasses of wine to mellow out, (the thought of looking at him required her to be a bit less than sober) the red vines were firmly in place (a sexy trick she picked up) and for once was on time and headed out of the door.

Once inside of the car, she called and told him that she was on her way and an approximate time that she expected to be there.

All of the traffic lights were green (a good sign from the Universe, she thought), made it to his house in record time AND found parking close to their designated meeting.

She gets out, of the car, takes extra care in how she struts to the door – he always enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle when she walked besides, you never know who is watching – there could be a potential suitor looking, then discovers…. The fucking door is Locked!!!!

After all the time that you have been waiting and wanting her, get her to agree to come over and you leave the door locked?

Since when does he lock the damn door?!?!?  The door has never been locked for any of their other meetups.  Why now?  Do you expect her to stand out there ringing the bell like some desperate teenager?  This is a grown ass Woman!  What does she do?

No worries.

She does what any woman would do.

She left. She turned around, with her head held high, walked confidently back to her car and drove off.

He gets upset and says she was wrong.  Was she?