You’ve met someone new. You’ve talked, maybe even gone out. The chemistry is there and this person’s sexual energy definitely has you interested.

You get together for your first sexual encounter and… Hmm, the performance wasn’t that great and you excuse it, thinking maybe it’s nerves, first time jitters.

The conversations between you two continue and your partner describes how they’ll make such passionate love to you that you willingly allow a second chance.

Again, they disappoint you. Maybe they weren’t feeling well and possibly tired. Whatever the case may be, each time the sex just doesn’t live up to your standards. You continue seeing the person, perhaps they fill a different void, but how do you improve their performance with you?

If their poor performance is not related to size, but rather a technique issue, then you are in luck. If your partner is blessed with the perfect length and girth for you, but they just can’t seem to maneuver themselves, and you want to stay with them, try these tips.
Include role play
Act out what you want done as if you are someone else. Your partners feelings won’t get damaged when you pretend.
Extend foreplay
Include sex toys like penis extenders, bullets, dildos, etc.  Watch a porno movie together and point out the actors performance as something you want done to you. (hopefully, your partner is receptive to making these necessary changes, otherwise you will just need to throw in the towel and find someone else.)
Do the work yourself.  You can’t send a boy to do a man’s job. If you want it done right, do it yourself.  Put on your big girl seductive look, pull your dildo out and pleasure yourself.  Or just get on top of him and ride him like a cowgirl!

All in all, people are visual creatures and they’re very hands on, so teach by doing and showing. Place your hand over his and guide him in the ways you liked to be handled. Give him a little vocal encouragement by throwing in some of these: ”Ooh I like how THAT feels” or ”I like it better when you do it like THIS” and if he is willing to pleasure you, he’ll make sure to follow your instructions.

Remember, everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to certain things. Different strokes for different folks, if you catch my drift. Give him time to learn yours. He can’t read minds and your body doesn’t come with a manual. After all, communication is key in every aspect of a relationship, sex included.