You’ve seen it happen.  A baby cries for no reason.  You reach down to touch that gentle infant and miraculously, the baby stops crying. 

Your body is no different from that baby’s.  In fact, your body requires touch just as much as a baby does.  In the absence of human physical contact, we begin to lose ourselves.  Our bodies become depraved, and like a failed diet, when we starve our bodies we subsequently starve our minds of one of our senses. We overcompensate for the loss of that sense.  We go through withdrawal. 

Instead of represssing your desires to touch and be touched, passionately grab your partner and reintroduce your hands to their body.

Begin with gentle strokes along the outline of your lovers face with the tips of your fingers.  Trace the curves of your partners’ body with your hands and delight in each fleshy, firm mound you come across.