Welcome to the embracedesires.com blog!  For those who are new to embracedesires…

Welcome to a place where fantasies come alive.  Welcome to where luxury is attainable and satisfaction is within your reach.  Welcome to emBrace.

A sophisticated experience.  A long awaited journey.  A playful refuge.  A place where you are only inhibited by time.
Blaze your own trail and leave your mark as you and your partner discover sensual aspects.  Enticing scents, exciting candles, original costumes and apparel, and confidence inspiring footwear are just some of what you can attain.

Be bold. Be daring.  Be you.  Satisfy your desires.  Play with yourself; from Butterflies to Rabbits to whips to tame the beast beside you. The animals are now available for your personal enjoyment.  Want to silence the intense sounds of ecstasy?  Our gags are functional and beautiful.  Whatever your desire, embracedesires can help you fulfill your fantasies.

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