Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time



Mother’s Day HOT MAMA Contest

I KNOW that I am a Hot Mama.  What makes me a hot mama?  With every year of motherhood, I gain a little more confidence and a bit more knowledge and lots more curves!  How about you?

LIKE us to Enter our Facebook Mother’s Day Contest and tell us what makes you a hot mama!
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Contest Ends Sat May 5, 2012 11:59pm EST

This contest only good for our Facebook friends.  Be sure to like us. See you on Facebook!

Garage Sale

Online garage sale

Why not have a garage sale online?  People sell things all the time from their garages online through online auction sites.  They sell all of their dusty, used goods.

Well we thought how cool would it be to sell not dusty or used items, but the fun clean, never worn or used stuff!

This isn’t an ordinary SALE, it has incredible prices for bargain hunters.   The difference?  Our bargain hunters enjoy having sex, making love and plain ole fucking.  

So as communities around the nation gear up for their garage sales, so are we.  Stay tuned as we update Facebook and our Twitter pages with images of the accessories, clothing, and footwear as well as the dates we will hold this event.  

We give you the best,

Just when I thought things were rolling along smoothly, I hit a snafu.  I moved the laptop I was working on and then it happened.  My media storage device light went out.  Maybe I should wait until I am at an actual desk, before trying to add new and exciting products, but today I couldn’t wait. I Today, I was adding products half asleep, still half curled under covers.

Instead of fretting about the lost images, I raised myself up, and added wonderful images, now saved on an external drive and, VOILA! has many newly added products just for you.

Indulge your hedonist desires with luxury pleasure items.  Thankfully, we are able to give you the best and we make no apologies for it.  We are pleased to have new items from Lelo, Miuzu, Bijoux Indiscrets, Booty Parlor, Incoqnito, Spareparts Hardwear and so much more.

8 Sex Essentials for your Sexy Santa

For those who enjoy variety with your partner, we are giving you a list of eight sensual goodies for a Sexy Santa.


Reduce your risk of infections. Wipe your toys clean before and after each use.

You never can be too certain which direction you will go into first, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Make sure you and your partner are well lubed and let the adventure begin.

Well this is what you were waiting for. Have your favorite dils, vibrators, strap-ons, etc. Just make sure it is clean and nearby.

We all need to reduce the risk of infection (plus you can have so much fun with all of the new ones out there), so have an assortment handy.

Ever find yourself fantasizing about someone other than your current partner? Ever close your eyes during passion and wonder who is really pleasing you? Well, a blindfold can make the possibility a reality in your mind. If you open your eyes too soon, you won’t be disappointed since you will still be in the dark with this amazing “stranger”.

Perfect during role play for when you want to discipline or be disciplined for being oh so naughty.

Does your partner wriggle all over the place during throes of passion? Take Control!!! Tie them up! Cuff them to something, just don’t let them enjoy freedom.

Once you and your partner have satisfied after another, before either of you roll over to fall asleep, spritz a bit of breath freshener in your mouth. When you awaken from your blissful slumber, you can roll over and start fresh all over again.

The Body Diet

You’ve seen it happen.  A baby cries for no reason.  You reach down to touch that gentle infant and miraculously, the baby stops crying. 

Your body is no different from that baby’s.  In fact, your body requires touch just as much as a baby does.  In the absence of human physical contact, we begin to lose ourselves.  Our bodies become depraved, and like a failed diet, when we starve our bodies we subsequently starve our minds of one of our senses. We overcompensate for the loss of that sense.  We go through withdrawal. 

Instead of represssing your desires to touch and be touched, passionately grab your partner and reintroduce your hands to their body.

Begin with gentle strokes along the outline of your lovers face with the tips of your fingers.  Trace the curves of your partners’ body with your hands and delight in each fleshy, firm mound you come across.

Hello world!

Welcome to the blog!  For those who are new to embracedesires…

Welcome to a place where fantasies come alive.  Welcome to where luxury is attainable and satisfaction is within your reach.  Welcome to emBrace.

A sophisticated experience.  A long awaited journey.  A playful refuge.  A place where you are only inhibited by time.
Blaze your own trail and leave your mark as you and your partner discover sensual aspects.  Enticing scents, exciting candles, original costumes and apparel, and confidence inspiring footwear are just some of what you can attain.

Be bold. Be daring.  Be you.  Satisfy your desires.  Play with yourself; from Butterflies to Rabbits to whips to tame the beast beside you. The animals are now available for your personal enjoyment.  Want to silence the intense sounds of ecstasy?  Our gags are functional and beautiful.  Whatever your desire, embracedesires can help you fulfill your fantasies.

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