Relationships are like playing the lottery…

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Remember the old lottery commercials? You know the ones that used to tell you that you have to be in it to win it? Well, relationships are a lot like that.  You have to be an active participant.  It’s not enough to have a strong desire to win and then dream about all of the things that you will be able to do once you won. Sometimes you have to embrace that every ticket will not have the winning numbers.

But if you do decide to play, then understand the rules and remember that you are supposed to have fun, and to also Indulge in yourself a little.  But you may wonder, “What are the rules”? The rules are very basic:

1.Respect yourself – understand what does and doesn’t work for you and honor that.

2.Respect your partner – remember you chose this person and which says something about your choices.

3.Respect your relationship  – no one outside of your relationship should know the intimate details of what goes on between you and your partner.

Sounds simple,but so many people lose themselves and their way trying to support relationships where there is no respect.  Where there is respect, there is the opportunity to honor, support and rollicking good times.

The same way that a winning lottery ticket can improve your life, a respectful winning relationship will vastly improve your lifestyle.  You will enjoy better health, less stress, and a more meaningful intimacy with your partner.

Did we leave out anything? Let us know in the comments.