It’s no secret that relationships are hard, but it is often easy to point out the flaws in a relationship that is not your own. That’s because it is no simple task to reflect on your own thoughts and actions. However, this is an essential step in maintaining healthy relationships, because you are ultimately the most important person in your relationship. While it is important to consider what your partner needs and wants, it is also integral to avoid focusing solely on your partner when you think about your relationship. Here are some strategies that will let you put the focus back on yourself to avoid taking on an unfavorable role within your partnership.

 Accept who your partner is.

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Many people try to change things about their partners, rather than accepting and embracing their quirks. Often, this behavior is actually a projection of one’s own insecurities rather than a distaste for a partner.

 Take responsibility for your actions.

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During an argument, it can be tempting to pin the blame entirely on another person. In reality, there is usually a shared responsibility for a disagreement, so you should acknowledge your role. When you claim your own actions, you can create a path to move forward instead of living with resentment for your significant other.

 Recognize and express your needs.

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Focusing on yourself is not just about recognizing negative qualities. You should take a close look at your personal needs and express these to your partner so that you are getting what you want out of your relationship. With clear expectations for both yourself and your significant other, you can seriously boost the satisfaction of your partnership.