Commit? Who me?

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Why are people so afraid of commitment?  We commit to stuff every day. Sports teams, Department stores, Food chains, and grocery stores.  Yet ask some people to commit to a relationship and they get that deer in the headlights stare and you know the office upstairs has just closed for business.

Think about it, the most successful organizations exist because its supporters are all in.  Why not be a supporter of what will make you the most successful? Healthy, committed relationships. You know you know how.  You know you want to.  Well, consider yourself empowered to Embrace your new era of commitment.

You will  need to start small, after all doing what is healthy and right takes perseverance.  To quote a wise man from the movie, The Waterboy “You can do it!”

Commit to believing that you really can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Commit to believing that you really are worth the effort and attention.

Commit to believing that sometimes the sun really does shine just for you and rainbows are your reward for rainy days.