Ok, I get it, humans are designed to get horny.  Only now as an official, bonafide adult do I get it.  In my naivete, I used to believe that sex was only for the young twenty-somethings.

Years ago, my grandmother had a friend whose boyfriend was closer to my then 20 something years, than her 60 some odd years.  I didn’t get it. I couldn’t let my brain accept the fact that this “old lady” was really allowing herself to indulge in consensual sex. I asked my grandmother, what was that all about, was he just with her for her social security check?  My grandmother’s response was a shocking, Yes, and she likes when he eats her jello.  Her WHAAATTT?  In my younger years, I could not imagine “old” people would still be interested in making love, having sex, whatever you want to call it.  Let alone with other old people.  Then I realized that I knew a lot of dirty old men.  A lot.  Somebody is having sex with them.  Lots of somebody’s.



Older people having sex is not so uncommon. According to a recent  Cosmopolitan article, studies conducted by sex researchers at the University of Guelph and the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN), agree that your sex life does get better as you age.  Thank the mighty stars!  Because now as I coast through my forties, I find myself to be horny.  More like super horny.

Sometimes I’m so horny I can’t think. Then I get angry. Because the person I’m with doesn’t have the same sex drive. Frustrating.

Great Sex Comes with Age.

If you found that the older you have become, the more your desire for sex increases, let us know!