Pressed or caressed the right way, a woman can be transported to such ecstasy, that for a few seconds, the rest of the world ceases to exist. But get it wrong and pain, frustration, or dull nothingness can ensue. It’s a stark contrast to a man’s experience; so long as they can get an erection, a few minutes of vigorous stimulation generally results in ejaculation.

The big O!  The great climax moment that you hear about, read about, and sometimes, dream about.  The Mystery of the Female Orgasm doesn’t have to be out of your reach any longer.

When trying to bring her to her peak of climax, pay attention to little tell tale signs about her body.  When pleasuring your woman ask yourself these questions.  Is she becoming more relaxed and tense at the same time?  Is she becoming more vocal?  Chances are, as long as you are someone that she knows and is interested in, she is about to have an orgasm.