Have sex in the shower embracedesiresTake a shower.

Together. Forget about turning up the water temperature for this one. Join your partner in the water and exchange sensual soapy strokes along the curves of each other bodies.

Skip the alcoholic beverages.

Skip Alcoholic BeveragesAs tempting to have a nice cocktail with your partner to relax.  Skip the alcohol.  Alcohol and spirits raise your blood pressure and body temperature. Instead, feed juicy sweet summer fruits to each other and if you’re feeling adventurous,  eat some off of each other.

Stay hydrated during summer sex tips embracedesires water based lubedStay hydrated.

This may seem like a no – brainer here, but staying hydrated is easy to forget about in the heat of passion.  Keep water or your favorite summer drink near the bed (or wherever you find yourself making love) to keep your internal temperatures at a safe level.

Crank up the Air Conditioner

Or put the fan on its highest setting.

Get blown away summer sex tips high tech vibratorsBecause you and your partner are going to turn things up!

Try sensation play.  Sensation Play - fill a bowl with ice cubes to cool things down

Now is the time to raid the freezer.  Grab a nice sized deep bowl and fill it with ice cubes.  Put your favorite glass dildo,  vibrator or restraints into the ice and get them nice and chilled.    In the meantime,  let an an ice cube melt from your fingers to chill your partners hottest spot.




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