6 Ways to Make Love ExcitingYou wake up one day and realize that you have been with the same partner for months and the sex is starting to seem routine.  How did that happen?  You became comfortable.  It’s ok if you didn’t plan on it. Now what? You’re in a relationship and are looking for simple ways to make love exciting again.

It’s too easy to fall into the same routine when you’ve been with your partner for any extended length of time.  But we want you to explore six seductive, yet simple ways to make love exciting for you and your partner.

Send dirty text messages.Sexting

We don’t know what it is about reading a dirty message from our lover that turns us on so much.  All we know is that it works.

Play seductive music.

Before you turn the music on to your favorite station or select your preferred playlist, make sure your partner feels the same way about those tunes the two of you are about to hear.   Choose a variety of songs that will probably coincide with your bodies pulsating and gyrating motions. Start off with slow melodies and then work in some heart pounding beats.

Act out fantasy/Role play.

Role Play for LoversActing out fantasies don’t require much planning (unless you want to see your partner dressed up in full costume).  Use your imagination.  Close your eyes.  Become the character you want to be.  Act out the scene with your partner.  Let the moment take over.  Take turns in being in control.

Use Sex toys.  sensual products intimate accessories embrace desires

Using sensual products like sex toys can add some spice to your lovemaking session.  Sex toys as well as all of the other sensual products and intimate accessories have come a long way in the advancement of materials they are made from and have benefited from leading technology enhancements (stronger, quieter motors). Sex toys can be your best friend (or hers) when you are exhausted from pleasing her.  Grab a vibrator,  or dildo and she can continue the fun while you catch your breath.

Record yourselves making love. 

Couples Role PlayingUsing either audio recordings or video,  creating a keepsake and then listening to and or watching your previous lovemaking session will certainly spark a flame for another round.

Change scenarios.

Change your lovemaking sounds. Moan a little longer.  Change positions, even if it means having sex up against a wall or in a closet.   If you normally make love in the bedroom perhaps due to roommates or fear that the kiddies might catch you, don’t start on the bed.  Start of by making love up against on a chair, grab hold of the closet rod/dresser, or hold on to the window sill.  Whatever, just don’t start off on the bed.  If there are no roommates or children to worry about, indulge your passions and embrace your desires… The house is your lovemaking paradise.

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