Erotic Massage

Craving your Touch

Erotic Sensual MassageEver been in a relationship where there is a lack of physical contact?  Very little touchy feely going on?  That relationship probably didn’t last too long.  If you’ve been single for any length of time, you know what it feels like to miss the touch of a former lover.  Not because of the loving and respectable way they treated you, after all, if they were that great they wouldn’t be a former lover; rather you miss the way they used to touch you?  It’s because our body craves sensual touch.

Connect or re-connect with your partner, play with the five senses: sight, scent, touch, taste, and especially… touch.  It is so basic and yet, so strangely missed especially after you’ve been in a long-term relationship.

“Touch Me, Tease Me”

Our skin craves the feeling of being touched and caressed by the people we love.  Erotic massages feels like being “seen”, adored and loved.  To give your loved one an erotic massage, you can simple use your hands and body… or experiment with other delicacies like oil, fabrics or sensual massage tools that can take your body and mind to a completely new level!  Our skin craves the feeling of being touched and caressed by the people we love.

Unlike cuddling, where a person needs to be snuggled up with their partner, erotic or sensual massage is a great way to relax, connect and explore pleasure with a lover or intimate friend without the burden of chatter or the interruption of watching television that can accompany cuddling.   As tempting as it is, erotic massage is not just used as a prelude to sex. The real intention of erotic massage is to relax you and your partner, to open up to your partner’s emotions and to create a sense of connectedness together.

Have you massaged your partner lately?

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