The Art of Kissing

Get ready to pucker up and show off your kissing skills.  We are not recommending that you set up your own kissing booth outside of your office, (that would probably be frowned upon in H.R) but if you want to really leave a lasting impression on your love interest, you only have one shot at it, and that one shot is with a kiss.

Why do we kiss? There are many reasons for someone to give another a kiss. Kissing can be a flirtatious gesture. A mother could give her child a kiss on the head or it could be a kiss given as a sign of respect like that of a religious ceremonial kiss. Kisses are exchanged every day by those greeting each other or saying goodbye. We want to know about the art of kissing.  We want to know about the kiss that every movie wants to capture and every young couple wants to prove they are best at, the big passionate, tongue tickling kiss that says “I love you”!

First things first, you need to ensure that before you embark on the journey of kissing your loved one that you are ready.  So pucker up buttercup, here are a few tips to perfect your pout and make you a great kisser;

Art of KissingMake sure your lips are soft. Exfoliate with a soft, damp toothbrush or washcloth. Moisten your lips – use a lip balm that is unscented if you can, you can’t guarantee that your kissing partner won’t take offense to your cherry scented lip balm.

  • Ensure you have clean teeth and fresh breath; no one wants to kiss a mouth full of ‘just devoured lunch’, which reeks of garlic or onion!  Don’t be so bold and go for one of those curiously strong mints, you’re going for a kiss, not a job interview.  Maintain regular dental hygiene — brush, floss and rinse.  If you need a quick breath booster, opt for a lemon drop.
  • Art of KissingClose that mouth! Please do not try to devour the person you are trying to kiss right away.  Always start with a closed mouth when kissing, you will certainly be invited by your partner to continue into a more passionate, open mouthed, kiss if you are polite and don’t push too hard.

This is where the fun really starts!

  • Slowly lean in towards your partners lips

Art of KissingDon’t forget that a kiss isn’t just about your mouth. Use your hands to embrace your partner gently. Hold them close to your body if they allow and enjoy the feeling of closeness that come from a truly loving and passionate kiss.

  • Swallow- don’t forget to swallow during a long kiss, it may be best to rest for second or two, allowing you both the time to swallow the build up of saliva that will undoubtedly happen. It will also give you a moment to enjoy each other before continuing.

If you use these few tips to kiss you’re sure to get it right. Enjoy each kiss as a moment to embrace your partner’s soul and share your own with them.

Do you think you have mastered the art of kissing?  Let us know.

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