Women give excuses all of the time to avoid sex.  But, when our man starts to use excuses we want to know what is going on! The only question that comes to our mind is: Is he cheating?  He MUST be cheating. Why else would there be excuses men use to avoid sex?  We use excuses, but hold men to a different standard when it comes to sex.  We want our men ready when we are ready, end of story.  Not fair?  We know.

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To try to level the playing field, we’ve asked our male friends to weigh in on this topic and we were surprised at the excuses they give.

 The woman gets wrapped up emotionally

There is nothing more of a turnoff than a woman who commits herself too soon into a relationship with another and becomes too clingy.  We understand emotions for women are different than they are for men, we are just wired that way, but hold off on using the “L” word too soon.  It freaks men out.

She Isn’t Freaky Enough

Shes Not Freaky-embrace-desires

This was one of the most popular excuses men use to avoid sex.  He may love the person, but if his partner’s performance is lackluster (we went with a bigger word than BORING), he will find every excuse under the sun to not be intimate with his partner.  But be on the lookout, because that boring partner may soon be replaced. So spice things up and keep things interesting.

He is Tired

tired-black-man-embrace-desiresIt’s no surprise that this was the most popular answer.  Your man is still interested in you, just not as soon as he comes home from work. (Well, at least not every day). You’ve heard it before, “Baby, I’m tired.” You think to yourself, no way he is too tired to make love.  Maybe he isn’t a farmer who labors from sun up to sun down.  But he is a hard working man and you love him.  But all of that hard work does take a toll on a man’s libido and all of your efforts, and sexy lingerie won’t necessarily spring him to attention.  Let him rest a little when he comes home, you will appreciate his performance and he will appreciate the break.

He Hasn’t Showered

          manshower embracedesires  Thinking of those sweaty men in the sexy calendars dripping in what could possibly be post-coital activity makes us go nuts.  But, some men don’t like to be sweaty before they get down and dirty.  Just like you, they like to approach you smelling fresh and clean.

She’s Put On Too Much Weight

            We have placed so much emphasis on our own weight that it has finally affected our men.  One man said, “If I married her when she was a size four, then she blew up to a size 44, I really don’t want to have sex.”  Yes, it was said.  We must stop complaining about our weight, and work to keep ourselves looking as fabulous as we did when we attracted our men.

He Doesn’t Like The Scent

field_of_pink_flowers_embracedesiresAhh, the delicate scent of vanilla and lavender that wafts throughout our boudoirs.  STOP!  Men don’t like all of the fruity scents that we do and when her body is bathed in certain perfumes, it is a major turnoff.  Consider, a scent that is a little more earthy.  However, when the smell that is a turnoff comes directly from the natural scent of a woman, there are ways to combat that.  Be aware of foods that have a negative effect on a woman’s natural scent.  Avoid eating garlic, strong fish, asparagus, or eggs.  These culprits will give off an unpleasant odor which could turn anyone off.  Now if you have the fresh from the gym, sweaty odor that your man has displayed a dislike for, jump quickly into the shower, use his soap and enjoy a long hot rinse.

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