Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time



Just a Quick Note About Us

What inspires you, inspires Us.

The inspiration for Embracedesires started with white sheets covered in rose petals… candle flames dancing eagerly against the shadows. The vision continued with a bottle of massage oil and strong hands pressed against waiting flesh… flesh held taught by tantalizing nipple clamps and tongue tingling nip balm. The moment continued with a vibrating probe eagerly reaching and teasing wet mounds. A massaging couples ring adding to the penetrating pulse of the moment.

Since 2003 we’ve specialized in intimate products and sensual accessories that are designed to indulge your most passionate moments. We believe the visual imagery of any product is just as important as the performance. So instead of gaudy, we sought out gorgeous. We looked for luscious and sensuous.

Products that not only bring you to the brink of eyes rolled back, but that look delightful… taste delicious… and seat you first-class within your favorite fantasies. Over the years, the product lines we carry have always reflected these values.

We embrace free spirits, be you male or female, who seek sumptuous choices in their sex product collection. Those midnight riders who know that one way to man’s heart is sliding seductively down a stripper pole. Those seeking domineering delights filled with arms handcuffed to the headboard… feet spread eagle and bondage taped… and a Please Sir flogger stinging to sweet submission.

If this is you, the door is open. Step inside and be delighted…

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Bling Out Your Bikini – A Sexy Surprise for Your Mate

As Featured On EzineArticles
Tattoos, I just love them.  I also love shiny jewels.  Diamonds, rhinestones, pretty glass, you name it, if it shines brightly, I want it.

Vajazzle has sexy rhinestone tattoos to bling out your bikini with people like me in mind.  I know we don’t use the term bling, but I had to put it there just to let you know how sparkly you can make your lady parts.  But to put one “down there”?  When I first discovered you can now have beautiful Swarovski stones as temporary tattoos adorning your private parts, I thought, “ok, now THAT is a possibility.”  I love shiny things.  I will try almost anything to up the ante on my sexy “oh you are a bad bitch” meter.

It’s about 5 a.m. in the morning and what am I thinking of?  The alluring sparkle that now embellishes my pubic mons.  They were easy to apply and surprisingly comfortable.  I couldn’t feel them on my skin.  It was like they belonged there.

Anyone can just lay with their partner and offer a clean, hair free kitty, but it takes a woman with bit of spunk to surprise her lover with the extra step of personal grooming.  Taking the additional step to have the removable tattoo affixed to my smooth hair free skin after I was waxed by my expert esthetician and waxologist Judth of Wax Bar Salon was maybe a few minutes, but who cares when you are in good company and you know it will be definitely rewarding.  At least I was satisfied.

When the time came for the “reveal” I watched my partner’s reaction as I slowly undressed for him, and as he saw what I revealed to him, I could see his eyes light up as if it were the holidays and his manhood rose to well received heights.

Sensuality is a gift and I have it.  It is the present you can bestow upon your partner at a moments notice (we’re talking little things like love notes, music and other romantic goodies)  Give your partner the surprise of bling with tens of (sometimes more) shiny stones brilliantly decorating your mound of Venus.

As beautiful as my newly decorated vagina was, we had to be pretty creative so we wouldn’t disturb the design. I didn’t mind one bit.

The hardest part is deciding what design to get next.

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As Featured On EzineArticles

Hello world!

Welcome to the blog!  For those who are new to embracedesires…

Welcome to a place where fantasies come alive.  Welcome to where luxury is attainable and satisfaction is within your reach.  Welcome to emBrace.

A sophisticated experience.  A long awaited journey.  A playful refuge.  A place where you are only inhibited by time.
Blaze your own trail and leave your mark as you and your partner discover sensual aspects.  Enticing scents, exciting candles, original costumes and apparel, and confidence inspiring footwear are just some of what you can attain.

Be bold. Be daring.  Be you.  Satisfy your desires.  Play with yourself; from Butterflies to Rabbits to whips to tame the beast beside you. The animals are now available for your personal enjoyment.  Want to silence the intense sounds of ecstasy?  Our gags are functional and beautiful.  Whatever your desire, embracedesires can help you fulfill your fantasies.

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