Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Watch My TEDx Talk: STIs aren’t a consequence. They’re inevitable. [With Transcript] — My business is generally pleasurable.

After you’ve tested positive, what’s next? Conversation.  Open, and honest conversation.  Look at the person next to you.  Two out of three people have an STI such as herpes.  Do you know your status?

Very interesting issue raised here! I don’t care how you got herpes. An STI is not a reflection of your character or a consequence of a bad decision. via Watch My TEDx Talk: STIs aren’t a consequen…

Source: Watch My TEDx Talk: STIs aren’t a consequence. They’re inevitable. [With Transcript] — My business is generally pleasurable.

My Service

The love of a sub.

Collared Chic

I have realized more and more lately how I truly serve Him.

In the beginning if this journey, I used to believe I was not serving Him unless I was naked in front of Him. I had a lot of bad people in my life prior to meeting the One Dom I was meant to be with and there were a lot of thoughts and habits that needed to be broken.

In my head, my service was sexual only. Sex, spankings, exposure, taboo – you name it. But the first time He wanted to take me to lunch, or took me somewhere for a special selfie- I was mildly confused to say the least!

But now, what a bright, shiny new sub world this is! I have learned there is so much more to service.

I know true service now! I know I serve Him by simply being His submissive…

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Intimate Organics is now Intimate Earth

Intimate Earth is a great company with an even greater commitment.  Love Naturally.

Their Earthly dedication to continue using body-friendly, and safe products for every single body.  Every. Body.

And that’s great news for all of us.

Using the most natural ingredients and organic extracts, Intimate Earth has evolved into a natural alternative to what is presently offered in the market today.

We’re happy to offer Intimate Organics on our site because their products are free from:


Animal glycerin


Menthol (opting instead to use Japanese Peppermint Oil)

Alum (Aluminum Sulfate)

Benzocaine or Lidocaine

nor do they add Aspartame.

When you’re ready to do something good to yourself, has something great for your body.

Why We Love March 14th (And So Should You)

Let’s face it, men always get the short end of the stick when it comes to being romanced.  Women know it.  But we don’t care.  Ladies have Valentine’s day, and boy do we look forward to it every single year.  But we don’t go all out for our men the same way.

Exactly one month after cupids arrow flies through the air, Steak and Blowjob day comes around, not out of necessity but out of equality.  March 14th is a day we love that is set aside to lavish the man in your life with offerings of amore. Forget about giving him ties, and socks.  Those gifts will be reserved for another holiday.

Remember, men have wants and needs too.  They want a day where they are shown just how much they are appreciated.  The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?  But if your skills don’t have anything to do in the kitchen, no fear! We found a delicious recipe from 10 Recipes to Get Laid to help you out.   You’ll have him moaning from a culinary orgasm.

What you do with him afterwards, is up to you.

How do you like your steak?



Want to Be a Better Lover? Get Rid of Bedroom Clutter in 4 Easy Steps

With most couples sex is a very important part of the relationship, as well as where the sex takes place. Many people like to be adventurous and try new things and new places. That was great before careers, cameras, and kids came into the picture.   Now, in our adult reality, we all know the most intercourse between couples takes place in the bedroom. So get ready to be a better lover, because we are about to help you get rid of the clutter!
Your bedroom should be an inviting playroom for sex.

Interior luxury bedroom
image courtesy of AdobeStock
When you look at your bedroom what do you see? Exercise equipment that has turned into a coat rack? Children’s toy’s and other clutter that is preventing you from being the best lover .
What about that brand new flat screen tv?  While all of these things may seem like creature comforts, they are actually mental distractions to what could be amazing, mind blowing sex!
The wonderful design experts at IBB Design Fine Furnishings have some great tips to start a bedroom makeover.
If clothes make the man, then his living space should also be indicative of who he is as well. If you’ve ever visited a potential lover’s house, only to discover that the place is a mess, guess what…Big Turn Off!  Dirty dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, or worse, critters — roaches, rodents, even the occasional filthy roommate is a big no no.
Your(potential) lover could be the sexiest man alive (Hi Idris Elba), but if that living space is a wreck, you’ve just ruined your chance at intimacy.
There really is something sexy about visiting someone’s home for the first time in anticipation of getting laid.
But, your partner can’t relax in a messy place.

A few tips to tidy up your place to make sure you are the best lover possible.

  1. Fumigate –  If you know that those crawling, disgustingly unwelcome guests (we’re not talking about your roommate) in your house always make an appearance when you are trying to get lucky, and if time time permits, call an exterminator – or just  do it yourself
  2. Dust – Believe it or not, dust collects EVERY day.  Dust the baseboards, TV’s, counters and your dresser.  it will make a huge difference.
  3. Organize – Put away all of your clothes.  If they don’t fit in your closetor dresser where the doors/drawers can close, invest in storage containers to fit your adult lifestlye.
  4. Aromatics – We are visual creatures, yes, but there is nothing more stimulating to the senses than the olfactory delight of a sophisticated and seductive scent to tantalize and entice your lover. Light a candle and set the mood.  Inhale the sensual bouquet and watch the mesmerizing flicker of the flame as your guest warms up to you even more.

We want to hear from you!  Tell us in the comments how you make your room attractive to a potential lover.

Aphrodisiac Spices to Boost Your Sex Drive

Libido Enhancing Spices You Can Use as Aphrodisiacs from Your Kitchen to Boost Your Sex Drive

Anise – with its licorice-like taste, anise has both calming and stimulating properties.  The five connecting pods that create a star shape, holding the anise seeds contains phytoestrogen to stimulate sexual arousal. The aphrodisiac properties are reported to increase your libido.

*Drink a glass of water infused with anise seeds at night to boost your sex drive.

The Greeks and Romans believed sucking on anise increased desire.  Not sure about that, but since anise also freshens your breath, your tender kisses will certainly be made more memorable.

Nutmeg – It’s not just for eggnog. The exotic, potent seed is often referred to as Viagra for women, in Africa, and based on a study on rats in India’s Aligarh Muslim University, and the National Library of Medicine, N.I.H nutmeg was found to possess aphrodisiac activity. This warming spice boosts your mood as well as your sex drive. Just don’t consume too much, as too much has been reported to cause hallucinations. Used for centuries to boost sexual desire, nutmeg stimulates the circulatory system and increases blood flow.  Some cultures believe in rubbing nutmeg on the genitals for sexual stimulation.

Cardamom – (Ela in Sanskrit) Grown on trees, cardamom seeds are considered a powerful aphrodisiac that helps with erectile dysfunction and impotence. Strong, with a uniquely pleasantly spicy, yet sweet taste, cardamom increases blood flow to sexual areas and used in Ayurvedic medicine to boost sexual desires. Although a bit pricey, second to saffron in price, and considered a festive spice, splurge a little and add some to your favorite cookie recipe (think almond or windmill cookies) or when you are feeling extra special, add some to your coffee.

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Open Up – Who are you calling a FREAK? Sometimes, you need to set the record straight

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Share Your Thoughts – Open Up with

I wanted to get this off of my chest.  Why aren’t people truly comfortable with their sexuality?

In hushed whispers, and secret online groups, people will discuss how much of a “freak” they are, yet don’t own any sex toys.  Not to say that owning sex toys (or a sex toy company) automatically makes you a “freak” it just shows that you are open to alternative sexual adventures.  I love sex toys and all of the sensual accessories that compliment them, but I don’t consider myself to be a “freak”. That term really puts my panties in a bunch.  I’m sexually explorative.  As long as it doesn’t involve children, animals or illegal acts, I’ll try it at least once.  And very proud of that fact.  I have embraced my desire to explore sexually stimulating and pleasure enhancing activities.  Shit, I’m grown. Or so, I am told.

But when I meet someone new and they discover the products that I have in my stash, all of a sudden, I’m a freak.  Get over it already.  Thanks to the internet, most people I know that are sexually active do far more exploring than I have ever done.  Ever.  And then there are those who haven’t done a third of what I’ve done.

I have discovered that some cultures embrace the natural progression from innocence to knowledge when it comes to sexual experiences, whereas others simply do not.

I recall reading this Awesome book filled with many Great stories and one of the stories told was of this Man who said “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” and surprisingly no stone was tossed.  Let this be a lesson.

Open Up – When you need to get something off your chest, but your BF is the judge-y type

relationship advice column, embrace desires
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I am opening up because I need an answer. Where are the good men?  I meet a potential mate, but then somewhere, early on, things don’t seem to work.  Help me figure this one out.

Q:  I keep falling for the same type of guy? I’m educated, I have a great career, but I still find myself with the same type of man who loves me, then leaves me.  I have a college degree, am established in my career and I know what I want in a man.  A man who is educated, single, no drama, earns more than I do, and knows how to pamper a woman. What is wrong with me? Am I asking for too much?

A:  Man! oh man, are we all too familiar with THIS scenario.  First off, the good men ARE out there.  It’s how you present yourself initially that determines how you will be treated. You sometimes have to fall back in your interactions with men.  Men don’t always want an independent woman who not only knows that she is independent, but embraces her independence.  What would he be needed for if a woman touts her accomplishments but doesn’t allow the man to lead, in the traditional sense. If all you want is attention, you don’t need a man, you need a pet.

Did You Know? You are Smothering your Vagina! Why you should stop

Don’t you just love frilly little panties?  oh the cute nylon panties that beg to be seen.  But did you know that nylon panties, especially the ones with the carefully placed cotton liners are actually smothering your vagina and keeping it from getting air down there?

The vagina needs air, as much as it needs water to hit it every once in a while.  Skip the panties some days, and just go commando.

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