We’ve experienced it, and you probably have too.  It’s late at night and you fall asleep.  You’re human, it’s ok to doze off. But you wake up in such a euphoric state as if you just had THE BEST SEX EVER! Did you just have SEX in YOUR SLEEP?  Yes, in a sense, you did.

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But there is no one there with you and no signs of a break-in.  However, the blissful and euphoric state that you are in cannot be denied.  It happened.  I had an orgasm in my sleep and now I have questions, like:

How many times did it happen?

Did I just get fucked by a ghost?

Will this generous sexual apparition return to bestow repeated orgasms upon me in my sleep once more?

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I have no recollection of any dreams from that night, it was actually like I was dream free. But the feeling is so real.  I wonder why I felt like I had orgasms in my sleep.  Well, thanks to science.mic (don’t you just love when science can explain things), there is a reason why so many women like myself orgasm in their sleep.

Sweet Dreams, Ladies: Why So Many Women Orgasm While They Sleep

We’re all familiar with the adolescent concern of nocturnal emissions that growing men will experience, but few people recognize that women will experience orgasms in their sleep as well.

With women, however, sleep orgasms tend to become more common with age, and they are a source of pleasure rather than the cause of embarrassment. According to The Kinsey Report, about 37% of women will have a sleeping orgasm before the age of 45, and there are a few different reasons that this is such a common phenomenon:giphy (4)

  • Women grow more comfortable with their bodies as they get older. Women tend to
    have growing sexual desires as they become more familiar with their tastes and
    preferences. Asleep or awake, women will usually experience higher orgasm rates as they get older, simply because they become more interested in and comfortable with sex.
  • Sex dreams provide great material. Sex dreams can be somewhat elusive as no one is exactly sure what causes them to occur. One theory is that sex dreams are more likely to occur in women who are in a positive state of mind or in good health.

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Regardless of where they come from, sex dreams can provide excellent inspiration to reach the height of your pleasure while you slumber. Women are naturally better able to achieve mental orgasms than men, so dreaming about that sexy new coworker or a shirtless Ryan
Gosling could be enough for you to hit the mark. Once you start having sleep orgasms,
they are more likely to return, since achieving orgasms gets easier for women with age
and experience.

Isn’t that another good reason to look forward to getting older?