1.    Skip the Smiling Faces – Show off Your Shoes!

When you see a selfie of someone, do you also wonder about their footwear? We do. We see so many great looking selfies of people who obviously put a lot of thought into their poses, but we often wonder about the next great accessory – their shoes. Think of the times you saw someone with an amazing outfit and realized that the shoes made the outfit? It happens all of the time. We put so much thought into purchasing our shoes and selecting the perfect pair to go along with our outfits, that it is only right to feature them.

2.    Accents Make Photos Look Like They Should.

When you are trying to eliminate the appearance of a double chin, extend your chin forward to accentuate your jaw line. You can also remove the double chin in your photos by taking a photo with the camera raised slightly above your head and looking UP at about a 45 degree angle – this will further accentuate your jaw line.

3.    Take a Better Selfie in 3 – 2 – 1!

 Most recent smart phones already have a built in timer in its settings. Set the timer on your camera phone (or regular camera) and practice to see how long it takes you to get the perfect pose and Pose for the camera – SNAP!

4.    Lights, Camera, Action!

 The lighting for your selfie is what will set your photos apart from the crowd, if done properly.

INDOORS: When you are taking selfie pictures indoors, go for natural lighting. Find a window and stand with the sunlight falling onto   your face – not behind you. Also, when you are taking selfies inside, make sure that you are standing in front of a plain background. This could be a wall, or a plain sheet, large enough to cover the area behind you. Invest in a large white poster board, the kind used for science projects or use your car’s sun visor to reflect the light. (Just make sure that it has a silver or white surface).

OUTDOORS: Find a shaded area. If the sun is too bright, you will be squinting which is not attractive at all.

5.    Have Fun!

After all, you are capturing memories of you enjoying life and sharing moments with friends and loved ones. So relax, indulge in the festivities and take all the selfies you want. Just remember, no duck lips.

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