Using the right lube for the job seems like a no-brainer.  A well stocked pleasure chest has a wide assortment of lubes for sex specific activities like silicone for anal, and flavored for oral sex. But did you know how helpful lube can be for everyday use?

Get three amazing household uses for using personal lube for around the house as well as for intimate moments.

Shine on.

bald head

To get that sexy shine on a bald head,  add a little to your dome and your head will be glistening.

Protects patent leather.

black stiletto bootsUsing a soft cloth,  rub some silicone personal lube onto your precious patent leather bags, boots and anything else you want and the silicon properties will provide enough protection to keep your accessories from cracking.

Squeaky hinges.

If you are anything like us, you have more sex toys than tools.  So maybe you don’t have a can of wd-40 nearby to silence that creaking sound from the door and it is driving you nuts.  Don’t worry,  grab your favorite lube and apply a dab or two on that hinge – it will eliminate that unwanted noise. (caution: you will need a large bottle of lube to take care of those squeaking mattresses springs :-)).