Sex.  There’s certainly nothing better than sex, than except when it’s that really good, mind-blowing sex that leaves you breathless and wondering who your new partner actually is, even if you’ve been together for years.  That’s what we want every single time.  Don’t let anyone else fool you, women want mind blowing sex each time she has intercourse, regardless if it’s a quickie or marathon sex.  We want our body’s to be shaking from ecstasy after every episode. Here’s a sure fire way to guarantee that wherever you are, whether it is in the car, outdoors or somewhere in the house, she gets it the way that is going to keep her coming back for more.

1.  Set the Mood – Have you ever been mind fucked? With the right mood, even a quick romp in the kitchen by the counter can not only blow her mind, but will also have her body reacting and responding as if you are the best thing since sliced bread.  Creating a seductive ambiance with candles, or dim lights, and music that stirs the soul will definitely put your mind at ease and make for the perfect environment for mind blowing sex.

  • Turn the music up so she can hear it over the water running.
  • Enter the kitchen with candles.
  • Blindfold her.

2.  Sex toys – Start your engines!  Ahh the gentle hum of Vibrators that can pulse and hum to your own rhythms is like having incredible sex in the wild.

  • Make sure you have fresh batteries and/or all toys are charged to capacity.
  • Be sure all Bullets, Cock rings, dildos and vibrators are all cleaned before and after every use.

3.  Safe Sex is SEXY – Always keep condoms on hand.  They are your best friend when you want to switch from anal to vaginal sex. Besides, if you are not ready to become a parent or have no interest in contracting any sexually transmitted infections, it is best that you keep a variety of condoms on hand – flavored for oral sex, and regular for sexual intercourse (we don’t know what “regular” sex would even look like)

4.  Lube – Let’s face it, when you are going at it at a frenzied pace, too much friction can cause a usually wet woman to dry out.  Keeping some lube close by will help things moving along smoothly.  bonus: if you decide that now is a good time to go for anal, just add some lube and go for it.

  • Silicone – great for anal
  • Hybrid lube – combination water based and silicone based (gives the benefits of water-based lube – gentler on skin – but with the added long-lasting benefit of silicone, it lasts longer

5.  The right partner – There is nothing like feeling the weight of your partner and inhaling the scent of your lover that is destined to enhance any lovemaking experience.  Choose your partner wisely.