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“I am ready for love”.  How many times have you thought that to yourself and wondered why the right person for you has not come along?

You say to yourself, I look good and I’m a good person but if someone from the outside looking in were to answer, would they say the same?

Would they say that when it comes time to produce, you are weak?
Would they say you drop the ball when you’re expected to do something?
Are you a talker and not a doer.

These are real questions you need to ask yourself objectively.

When you were really needed by a loved one, did you fail them?

If you can honestly answer “yes,” then perhaps you are NOT ready for love and you need time alone to work on being the kind of “You” that you need to be when your partner needs You.

First, scratch the popular misconception that being ”alone” makes you ”lonely”.

Take Stock in Yourself

Making time to sit back and observe yourself takes STRENGTH and POWER, but unfortunately people equate happiness with constantly being attached to someone and being in a relationship.

Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean happily ever after.

People get involved in relationships so quickly to be accepted by another person, when they aren’t even accepting–or happy–of themselves.

There is nothing that kills a relationship quicker than unfounded insecurity, add the fact that that you don’t even know what you, yourself, expects out of the relationship anyway and BAM!

A perfect recipe for disaster!

You need to be able to love yourself first, in order to successfully project your love for someone else and accept the love they have to share with you.

Accept any and all flaws and work on the things in your life that can use some tidying up.

Start with the (Wo)Man in the Mirror

Your personality is something you don’t need to do a complete overhaul on, just some slight tweaking (unless you’re a ”all about me” kind of person)

However, you shouldn’t kill yourself trying to change yourself to make others happy. There’s no need to wish that you had these color eyes, or this complexion or this height.

You need to be able to get up everyday and face yourself in the mirror, and be happy with who looks back at you.

Doing so will ensure that the person that will be waking up next to you someday genuinely likes who you are as well, and not who you try or pretend to be.

You must always remember that you’re not in a relationship by yourself and must take others feelings into consideration.

People with strong feelings for you, are people who care, and rely on you because they trust you.

Your Word IS Your Bond

It is important that you try your best not to let them down, to do what you say and say what you mean.

Giving love to someone should be a selfless act, and something you truly wish to do.

No hidden agendas, and not for material or surface reasons.

I always say love isn’t going to ever be ”50/50”, because one of you are going to always do more for the other in one area or another and won’t be able to decide if what it is you do in comparison to the other is of equal value; but it should ALWAYS be give and take.

When you can say you can successfully do that, then, that’s right, you guessed it, you ARE ready for love.

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