Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time



Are you in the mood for Love? Five Tips for Finding Love

Five tips to get ready for love

The holidays are upon us and there seems to be love everywhere.  Are you ready?  Are you in the mood for love?  If you’re not in a relationship don’t despair, there is plenty of time to meet someone and get those love juices flowing well in advance with these five tips to get ready for love.  So take down your inhibitions and get in the mood for love.

Soooo, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!  I’ll tell you what you want… well, you get the idea. We want to be loved, and we want our partner to take notice! First of all you have to want the whole kit and caboodle that finding love entails.  You have to want to love someone and have someone love you back.

The way to attract love is to FlirtvectorSmileyWinkIf you want to pull in anyone and everyone so that you can find THE ONE, then start flirting like mad.  And there’s no time like the present!!

Flirting can be subtle or blatant; it all depends on the situation.  And to perfect your technique there’s nothing like practice, practice and more practice.  My suggestion is to just have fun with it.  Make this your mindset and go about your day taking advantage of every opportunity.  Don’t get hung up on the idea that you’ll look foolish, love is a fool’s game and you got to get in the game!!

Use Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed that when you look at someone long enough, even if they’re facing away from you, they’ll turn and look at you within a minute or so?  Well it’s because you’ve sent out your vibe, they feel your stare.  So pick your target, and gaze (not stare – that’s just creepy) away until they turn around.  And when they do you’ve got to flash your pearly whites and give a huge smile, looking them straight in the eye.  What you do next is up to you.  If you’re the guy, and they’re alone and smiling back, it’s time to make your move.  But if you’re the gal and he’s alone and smiling back, then let him approach you.  If he doesn’t then move on, he’s not in the game.

Have Fun

meetup icon_embracedesiresJoin a “MEETUP” type group in your local area that fits your interests.  Sometimes, when we think we just need to go out and be around other like-minded folks.  Be ready!  Love shows up in the most unusual places.

Go Out on a Date


If I am looking for love, how do you go out on a date if you’re single, you may ask?  Easy!  There is no set rule on the number of people who can go out on a date.  Schedule a “Me” date.  Treat yourself, you deserve to look nice and be seen on the scene.  You need to show yourself some love to be ready to receive the love that you are looking for.  Get dressed up and take yourself to out to that restaurant or movie that you wanted to check out.  Lavish in all the attention you will get for being brave and confident enough to fly solo.  If you need company around you, call up a few of your single friends (male or female) who can hang at a moments’ notice and enjoy your spontaneous outing.  (Just take lots of pictures and tag us in them).

Create an Online Dating profileonline-dating

Be bold and be daring.  Just be safe! Find an online dating site and create a fun, realistic profile of who you are.  You are, after all looking for love.  Show off that beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes (leave something to the imagination in your outfit and poses please). When you find a person who interests you and after you have exchanged messages and phone numbers, select a very public place to meet where security cameras are present and hopefully working (just kidding, but not really) Choose a spot for a late lunch or early dinner.  Just try not to schedule during a hectic week at work where your focus will be, un-focused.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself.  You have one life to live and you should live it to the fullest.

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6 Seductively Simple Ways To Make Love Exciting.

6 Ways to Make Love ExcitingYou wake up one day and realize that you have been with the same partner for months and the sex is starting to seem routine.  How did that happen?  You became comfortable.  It’s ok if you didn’t plan on it. Now what? You’re in a relationship and are looking for simple ways to make love exciting again.

It’s too easy to fall into the same routine when you’ve been with your partner for any extended length of time.  But we want you to explore six seductive, yet simple ways to make love exciting for you and your partner.

Send dirty text messages.Sexting

We don’t know what it is about reading a dirty message from our lover that turns us on so much.  All we know is that it works.

Play seductive music.

Before you turn the music on to your favorite station or select your preferred playlist, make sure your partner feels the same way about those tunes the two of you are about to hear.   Choose a variety of songs that will probably coincide with your bodies pulsating and gyrating motions. Start off with slow melodies and then work in some heart pounding beats.

Act out fantasy/Role play.

Role Play for LoversActing out fantasies don’t require much planning (unless you want to see your partner dressed up in full costume).  Use your imagination.  Close your eyes.  Become the character you want to be.  Act out the scene with your partner.  Let the moment take over.  Take turns in being in control.

Use Sex toys.  sensual products intimate accessories embrace desires

Using sensual products like sex toys can add some spice to your lovemaking session.  Sex toys as well as all of the other sensual products and intimate accessories have come a long way in the advancement of materials they are made from and have benefited from leading technology enhancements (stronger, quieter motors). Sex toys can be your best friend (or hers) when you are exhausted from pleasing her.  Grab a vibrator,  or dildo and she can continue the fun while you catch your breath.

Record yourselves making love. 

Couples Role PlayingUsing either audio recordings or video,  creating a keepsake and then listening to and or watching your previous lovemaking session will certainly spark a flame for another round.

Change scenarios.

Change your lovemaking sounds.  Change positions.   If you normally make love in the bedroom perhaps due to roommates or fear that the kiddies might catch you, don’t start on the bed.  Start of by making love up against the wall, sit on a chair, grab hold of the closet rod/dresser, or hold on to the window sill.  Whatever, just don’t start off on the bed.  If there are no roommates or children to worry about, indulge your passions and embrace your desires… The house is your lovemaking paradise.

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Valentine’s Day Checklist

Valentine’s Day Checklist

Ok, admit it.  You lost track of time.  It seems as if just last week you were celebrating the New Year.  Now Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you have no idea if you will have everything ready for your sweetheart.  No fear, we’ve created a Valentine’s Day checklist for you so you can come off looking amazing.

♥ Candles

Light Your Lover’s Fire with Candles

Nothing quite sets the mood like candles.  The flickering of the flame, the sensual aromas coming from it, is guaranteed to have your honey already thinking of what they will do to you.

Tip:  Set up a row of small tea candles along the path to your bedroom.

Align candles on the bathroom counter.

Light some candles and have dinner by candlelight.

♥ Music

Let’s Get It On with Sultry Music

It has been said that music calms the savage beast (this works especially well if you have been naughty), play some seductive, sultry music.  Create a sensual playlist for your lover, and let it play (make sure you have it on repeat so the music continuously loops and you don’t need to stop enjoying each others’ company

♥ Lingerie

Put on Something to be Taken Off

Hopefully you have enough time to order something sexy, but if not, take YOUR favorite piece of lingerie that you enjoy seeing your partner in, CLEAN it, and tell your lucky lover how much you enjoy seeing them in it….and then slooooowly remove it (be daring and try doing this with your teeth!!)

♥ Flowers

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Use Flowers to say, “I Love You”.

If you don’t have the time, or space, to grow your own roses, go to your nearest supermarket, and buy a bunch.  No need to concern yourself about the quality of the petals, you are going to pick the petals off and either place them in a warm, relaxing bath for two, mark the way to your favorite place to make love (it doesn’t always have to be the bedroom) or simply make a heart out of them on top of a freshly made bed.

♥ Massage

Rub Each Other the Right Way

This is where the fun starts.  First, grab a large plush towel; you will get a bit messy here.  Then reach for your favorite massage oil, or create your own.  All you need to create your own massage oil is either: Almond, Virgin Coconut, or Olive Oil (you can find these at your local supermarket) and add some scented fragrance to it. Finally, in slow sensual motions, glide your hands all over each other to your heart’s desire.

♥ Poetry

Say I Love You

You are going for a home run, a touchdown, a knock out with this!  Read your lover a verse or two from an erotic novel, poetry or write your own.  You are looking for ways to tell your lover in a unique way, that you love them.  Of course, you tell them, “I love you” throughout the year, but make the words you say on this day special.

Edible Aphrodisiacs

Boost your libido and sweeten your love life

 valentines day cinnamon embrace desiresCinnamon – Scent your bed with spices.  Cinnamon has been around since the ancient times.  An oil blend of cinnamon was reportedly used by the Queen of Sheba to seduce King Solomon. Cinnamon has also been reportedly used to perfume a lover’s bed.  It has worked since biblical times, so give it a try – no more than a teaspoon.  Ingesting too much cinnamon is NOT a good thing may cause vomiting and vomiting is not sexy at all).

 valentines day cherries embracedesiresCherries Ever heard of men seeking younger brides with lips like cherries? So go on, and Pop that cherry right into your lover’s mouth! (Just have a bowl nearby so you can spit out the pits). Aside from the sexy reference to virginity cherries are delicious, especially when paired with chocolate. Certain cherries have musky scents and contain potassium, necessary to stimulate pheromones (the hormone, essential for sexual attraction). Cherries also contain an antihistamine component that aids in physical exertion.

chocolate valentines day embracedesiresChocolate – How could we give you a list without including some sensual chocolate?  Chocolate has a richness to its color and a smooth silkiness to its texture that is soooo sexy.   Liquid chocolate has a seductive fluidity to it that invites you to put it in your mouth.  Chocolate contains both Tryptophan the building block of Serotonin and Phenylethylamine –like an amphetamine, released when the body is aroused. These mood enhancing chemicals are found in the brain. The Aztec emperor Montezuma, reportedly had over 600 wives used to drink “copious” amounts of chocolate to keep them satisfied.  If you need any more reasons to include chocolate in your Valentine seduction think of Lover extraordinaire, Cassanova, who is said to have given up drinking wine in favor of chocolate before his trysts with his many lovers.

“Twill Make Old Women Young and Fresh

Create New Motions of the Flesh.

And Cause them long for you know what,

If they but taste of chocolate.”

A History of the Nature and Quality of Chocolate

James Wadworth (1768-1844)

A Few of Our Favorite Things

People have asked us what are some of our all time favorites.  Now that isn’t really fair, because we believe that all of the products we offer are great and we would definitely try each one of them as soon as we could.  But, we must admit we do have our favorites and decided to share them with you.

Liberator Fascinator Throe (“Big Red” as we affectionately call it)

This lil cover really sucks!  In a good way.  It disguises itself as a boudoir throw blanket.  But it is so much more.  It’s soft.  It’s sensual fabric makes you want to lay on it.  It’s THIRSTY!  It absorbs your love juices the way you wish your sheets would.  Just lay your throe on top of your bed before playtime and it really absorbs the juices that your or your matter have squirted, or skeeted. We love it because when you want to recuperate in between sex rounds, you can just move the Fascinator Throe and no one has to lay in the wet spot.  When your up for round 2 (or more – lucky you!) Your Liberator Fascinator Throe is ready and eager to drink you up.

Kyng condoms.
We were a little skeptical at Lifestyles coming out with its own line of condoms made specifically for larger men.  The packaging looked like it was going to be a regular size condom, with a regular size fit.  But when he put it on and said that it was more comfortable and had less residue than the Trojan brand Magnum condom (“I don’t know what type of lube they put on the Magnums, but you gotta use gasoline to get It off”)  we used to use, I knew this was going to be the King in our condom stash.

Vajazzle Body jewelry
Of our many sensual addictions, we have to admit, getting a Brazilian wax is definitely one of them, followed by us adorning our lady bits with rows and rows of a temporary tattoo made up of sparkling studs. There is something sensually exciting about being able to view the entire vagina in all of its plump moistness during foreplay.  Having your vajayjay accented by Vajazzling it with Swarovski crystals is very High on our list.

Swiss Navy Lube
Nothing says loving like a healthy dose of anal sex.  And when we indulge, we reach for two products:

1. Adventure Fresh Orange Anal Relaxing Spray.

It must be the delicious sultry scent of Oranges and Clove that really relaxes us or maybe, it works that well.  Anywho, we love it

2.  The Bottle of Swiss Navy Lube.  Hell, if the boys out to sea were to use this… Ok, must stay focused.  But Swiss Navy lube is the TRUTH!!!!

It lubes up that ass and you don’t have to constantly reapply – that just destroys the fun anyway!

When it comes to Restraints, we have a “tie”
LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs (right)

Incoqnito Neck Tie (below)

These are just a few of our favorite things.  We will surely update our list as we add more awesome “sexcessories” to the website.

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You Want More Ass? Tidy Up Your Place.

If clothes make the man, what does his living space say about him?  I’ve wondered this for a while.  Think about it, if you’ve ever visited a love interest who said all of the right things, smelled and looked great drove a clean looking ride, and when you get to where they live, you are turned off. The place looks a mess.  Wherever you look, you see dirty dishes/laundry/furniture/floor. There is an odor that gets caught in your throat.  You dodge vermin and yet they are so comfortable with living like a slob that they are not bothered by your discomfort, at all.  They could be the sexiest person on Earth, but if that place is a mess, it doesn’t matter how attractive looking they are, or anything — deals off, I’m out.

Trust me, I am in no way a Felix Unger, nor am I an Oscar Madison, but I do fall happily in the middle, keeping sure my place looks neat and lived in.  But what do you do when your potential partner’s place is so unkempt?  Do you stay and start to clean up? Or would you think of excuses to leave?

There really is something extra sexy when you visit someone’s home who you are interested in and discover that not only does it look nicely furnished, but it also smells nice.  It seems to make the sex incredibly better. Sex is sexier when the place is clean

Seems that I am not the only one who thinks this way.  I stumbled across this video recently and it pretty much summed up my thoughts.  If the living space is nice, oh yeah, you will be getting some ass.  But only if the place is nice.

Let’s be honest. If your place is nice, I’m giving up the ass

I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store.  Or perhaps more like a sex addict in a sex toy shop.  Man, was I excited to find out that we would be carrying the Booty Parlor brand once again.  Especially that Pink Caviar Body Scrub with Pheromones!  Image

I mean, I love eating caviar.  It reminds me of the lavish holiday parties my former fiance’ would take me to and I would find the servers with the tiny cucumber rounds with a dollop of creme fraiche, topped with caviar and sipping on champagne all while wearing over priced lingerie. mmmmm.  deliciously decadent.

Every time I think of caviar, or have some to snack on, I anticipate incredible sex.  Go figure.  Perhaps that is why I became so turned on when I saw the caviar scrub by Booty Parlor.  Caviar AND pheromones, together?  What better combination?  After all, caviar is filled with essential minerals and nutrients as it makes your skin look great.  Then you have the pheromones attracting the attention of a potential suitor, hey, what could be better?

Ok, so I love the decadent, the luxurious, and the extravagant.  I deserve it all and so do you.  That is why we are proud to offer Booty Parlor to you.


Things to do for your partner on Valentines Day

Do it the Write way

Write a love note, or a few simple phrases on a blank card or nice paper and leave it for them to see.

Take a Vacation

Unable to take that fantasy vacation? Find a quiet place somewhere in your house, then transform it with pictures or cushions. Or take a trip to your local botanical garden, beach, lake or park and call it your own “paradise”. Don’t forget to bundle up if it’s cold.

Include the family

For those with children, include them in this special celebration of love.  Give them little candies and cards.  Or set aside time to make cards and special meals together.

Throw caution to the wind

If you don’t mind the crowds or the wait go to your favorite restaurant. If you forgot to or just cannot get reservations to your favorite restaurant, check the local listings of culinary school students who are willing to cater your favorite or new favorite meal.

Most importantly, show your partner and your family love every day.  Don’t wait for a specific date to celebrate. Be affectionate to one another.  Be afraid not of what others will think if you are; concern yourself when you cease to shower your partner with love.

Hope for the single person

You are not alone.  Call up some of your friends who are also without partners or for those whose partners can’t be with them on Valentine’s Day). Have a potluck “Love Celebration”.  Celebrate friendships, companionship, celebrate life.

Toast to all the loves you all have had and toast to the love yet to come.

Bling Out Your Bikini – A Sexy Surprise for Your Mate

As Featured On EzineArticles
Tattoos, I just love them.  I also love shiny jewels.  Diamonds, rhinestones, pretty glass, you name it, if it shines brightly, I want it.

Vajazzle has sexy rhinestone tattoos to bling out your bikini with people like me in mind.  I know we don’t use the term bling, but I had to put it there just to let you know how sparkly you can make your lady parts.  But to put one “down there”?  When I first discovered you can now have beautiful Swarovski stones as temporary tattoos adorning your private parts, I thought, “ok, now THAT is a possibility.”  I love shiny things.  I will try almost anything to up the ante on my sexy “oh you are a bad bitch” meter.

It’s about 5 a.m. in the morning and what am I thinking of?  The alluring sparkle that now embellishes my pubic mons.  They were easy to apply and surprisingly comfortable.  I couldn’t feel them on my skin.  It was like they belonged there.

Anyone can just lay with their partner and offer a clean, hair free kitty, but it takes a woman with bit of spunk to surprise her lover with the extra step of personal grooming.  Taking the additional step to have the removable tattoo affixed to my smooth hair free skin after I was waxed by my expert esthetician and waxologist Judth of Wax Bar Salon was maybe a few minutes, but who cares when you are in good company and you know it will be definitely rewarding.  At least I was satisfied.

When the time came for the “reveal” I watched my partner’s reaction as I slowly undressed for him, and as he saw what I revealed to him, I could see his eyes light up as if it were the holidays and his manhood rose to well received heights.

Sensuality is a gift and I have it.  It is the present you can bestow upon your partner at a moments notice (we’re talking little things like love notes, music and other romantic goodies)  Give your partner the surprise of bling with tens of (sometimes more) shiny stones brilliantly decorating your mound of Venus.

As beautiful as my newly decorated vagina was, we had to be pretty creative so we wouldn’t disturb the design. I didn’t mind one bit.

The hardest part is deciding what design to get next.

Buy your own set of Vajazzle tattoos here

As Featured On EzineArticles

Spasms and Orgasms

I had this wonderful realization about head. It is so much more enjoyable when you actually give a damn about the person (go figure)! I get quite turned on knowing that he is enjoying himself and I am the cause. He loves it especially when I venture down to his nether regions without him hinting, or asking, or begging or…you get the picture,
Back then, head was never a big deal to me, I was neither for or against it. I now find myself enjoying it more and more the longer he and I are together. In the bedroom– or any room we vacate at the moment– I immediately take charge, I usually switch up my methods of attack each time we do ”the do”, but slobbin’ the knob is one of the best ways to go! 
Already confident in my technique (’cause practice makes perfect) I straddle him, and make sweet little trails of kisses, nips and nibbles downward til I reach my destination. I take him in my mouth all sexy like, looking at him, my eyes commanding his to watch me. I don’t do the spit thing like they do in porn, it grosses me out, however I do believe that dry or even a semi dry erection is horrible, so I let it sit in my mouth while it builds up saliva and I am literally SALIVATING over him. Once he’s nice and moist, I continue to go to work.
I make real good sloppy slurping noises, and moan like he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, but proceed with caution though, too much enthusiasm causes excitement and he will buck and thrust in your mouth (trust me) but remember, you’re in control, and you can nip that in the bud by placing a firm– not crushing– grip with your hand to remind him who’s boss.
And since we have now added the almighty hand into the equation, it would only be fair to call on a little teamwork. I keep my hand in a steady rhythm, not too fast, just enough to keep him vocal. Now that we’re in the rhythmic simualtion stage, my mouth becomes the most powerfully used in combination with my hand, with my attention mainly focused on the tip and the frenulum, the most sensitive part of the penis (on a side note ladies and maybe a few gentlemen: the frenulum is the thin. nerve-rich membrane that attaches- or – attached if he’s been circumsized – the foreskin to the head and shaft of the penis.)
I maintain my firm grip on the base and keep my lips over the tip, as I start working my head up and down over aforementioned frenulum, little known fact, but that action will naturally create suction. No need for deep throating here, cause that trick alone already has him jerking and twisting and stifling moans!
The moment of truth, he let’s me know he’s almost there and my pace doesn’t let up. Now many people don’t like it but as I mentioned before, I’ve come to enjoy pleasing him, so he let’s me have it, and I take it all in, and what really puts the nail on the coffin is to keep sucking for a few seconds after he’s finished, and looky, looky 8..9…10 DING it’s a knockout!

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