Pssst! I have a secret

woman telling secret embracedesires

I belong to a very exclusive club. Want to join?

I am the sexiest person in the world!   I know because I tell myself in the mirror every day. Each day stand in front of the mirror without a stitch on and look at myself from all angles and I tell myself how hot and sexy and awesome I am.  The more I hear it,the more I receive it, the more I believe it.  I Embrace all my flaws and turn them into assets.

Underweight? Too skinny? No problem. I can be picked up and held against a wall.  Can you?

Overweight? Love handles? No problem. I have more cushion for the pushin’.  Do you?

Overbite? You can add extra stimuli to that special kiss.

No teeth? Think vacuum suction for that special kiss.

Embrace your uniqueness! Every day let yourself know just how special and awesome and amazing you are!

Welcome to the club!