If you have a vagina, or know someone who does, you should continue reading.

Mr Know Body

As promised from my last post, I am going to attempt to explain and illustrate the anatomy of the female genitalia….aka “your bits” (if you’re a female that is). It is important to understand what you own, and as I type it will become apparent why.

It is also important to understand why I did not go any further than grade 9 art. As I draw it will become apparent why.

If you are a man and are thinking of switching off because this is irrelevant to you directly……keep reading. You might not own the bits yourself, but certainly someone you know and love just might (think of your mother….see you definitely know one person!). And you might just solve a big calamity someday by understanding what’s going on down there, and sharing some insight into common misconceptions.

So while it is quiet, and raining, on a Friday night (rather…

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