bird flying over city skyline embracedesires sensual products pleasure itemsWe are sensual beings. Be prepared. Take your love life to the next level. I did. Take yoga to increase your strength, stamina and flexibility.  Try a pole dancing class or buy a pole along with a how-to dvd on technique and practice practice practice. Learn strip tease techniques, give your partner a private show and end with a lap dance. Get a Kegels training dvd and practice practice practice.  They can be done anywhere and any time. As your pelvic muscles are strengthened you and your partner will thank you for it.  Learn how to properly give an erotic massage on the body including the genitals.The ecstasy  gotten from that type of massage is amazing and tremendously satisfying.  Oral sex is better when you have a greater knowledge of what to do, how to do it and how long to do it.  Learn your partners body response to your tongue, teeth and lips. Then learn how to take your time, and you will have a long, sensual oral session and give your partner multiple orgasms. Who wouldn’t enjoy that??  I found a dvd on penis enlargement and tried some techniques on my lover during our love making sessions; without his knowledge I might add. His already long strong cock grew longer, wider and harder for longer periods of time.  His ejaculations became stronger and harder and his stamina is like that of an Olympic champion.  Eat foods that are good for you and good to you.