Five tips to get ready for love

The holidays are upon us and there seems to be love everywhere.  Are you ready?  Are you in the mood for love?  If you’re not in a relationship don’t despair, there is plenty of time to meet someone and get those love juices flowing well in advance with these five tips to get ready for love.  So take down your inhibitions and get in the mood for love.

Soooo, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!  I’ll tell you what you want… well, you get the idea. We want to be loved, and we want our partner to take notice! First of all you have to want the whole kit and caboodle that finding love entails.  You have to want to love someone and have someone love you back.

The way to attract love is to FlirtvectorSmileyWinkIf you want to pull in anyone and everyone so that you can find THE ONE, then start flirting like mad.  And there’s no time like the present!!

Flirting can be subtle or blatant; it all depends on the situation.  And to perfect your technique there’s nothing like practice, practice and more practice.  My suggestion is to just have fun with it.  Make this your mindset and go about your day taking advantage of every opportunity.  Don’t get hung up on the idea that you’ll look foolish, love is a fool’s game and you got to get in the game!!

Use Eye Contact

Have you ever noticed that when you look at someone long enough, even if they’re facing away from you, they’ll turn and look at you within a minute or so?  Well it’s because you’ve sent out your vibe, they feel your stare.  So pick your target, and gaze (not stare – that’s just creepy) away until they turn around.  And when they do you’ve got to flash your pearly whites and give a huge smile, looking them straight in the eye.  What you do next is up to you.  If you’re the guy, and they’re alone and smiling back, it’s time to make your move.  But if you’re the gal and he’s alone and smiling back, then let him approach you.  If he doesn’t then move on, he’s not in the game.

Have Fun

meetup icon_embracedesiresJoin a “MEETUP” type group in your local area that fits your interests.  Sometimes, when we think we just need to go out and be around other like-minded folks.  Be ready!  Love shows up in the most unusual places.

Go Out on a Date


If I am looking for love, how do you go out on a date if you’re single, you may ask?  Easy!  There is no set rule on the number of people who can go out on a date.  Schedule a “Me” date.  Treat yourself, you deserve to look nice and be seen on the scene.  You need to show yourself some love to be ready to receive the love that you are looking for.  Get dressed up and take yourself to out to that restaurant or movie that you wanted to check out.  Lavish in all the attention you will get for being brave and confident enough to fly solo.  If you need company around you, call up a few of your single friends (male or female) who can hang at a moments’ notice and enjoy your spontaneous outing.  (Just take lots of pictures and tag us in them).

Create an Online Dating profileonline-dating

Be bold and be daring.  Just be safe! Find an online dating site and create a fun, realistic profile of who you are.  You are, after all looking for love.  Show off that beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes (leave something to the imagination in your outfit and poses please). When you find a person who interests you and after you have exchanged messages and phone numbers, select a very public place to meet where security cameras are present and hopefully working (just kidding, but not really) Choose a spot for a late lunch or early dinner.  Just try not to schedule during a hectic week at work where your focus will be, un-focused.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself.  You have one life to live and you should live it to the fullest.

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