So for Christmas, I managed to get a few herniated discs which caused a pinched nerve.  Great!  Ok, the great doctors at the hospital must have known how naughty I was because I tried really hard as I limped into the emergency room to be nice.  Luckily for me, I have a face that is believable, because I was promptly given a shot of morphine, and prescriptions for some highly sought after oxycontin pain medications along with nerve and muscle relaxing drugs.  I was only awake a couple hours a day.

Fast forward, I realize that the New Year came in, the celebration of my child’s birthday has come and gone and instead of limping and dragging my foot in pain and discomfort, I found a chiropractor that realigned my back and gave me relief.

After hearing all of the jokes as to how my back was wrecked, and slowly being weaned off pain meds and their narcotic effects, I am back on track and getting ready for Valentine’s Day! 

Happy New Year!