Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time


Reproduction and Sexuality

Make yours a victorious vagina. Releasing the Power of your Pussy.

You’ve heard of it existing.  Maybe you believe you have one.  But men already know of the power of the pussy and how it can bring him to his knees in ecstasy and in some instances, the poor house.

It’s that moment when your pussy is being stroked, and you hear him moan, “mmm, this is some good pussy” Bamm!  That’s your confirmation right there that you have that good good. Sorry to tell you, but…  No, it isn’t.

Men put on verbal performances too (yes, men fake pleasure sounds)  so, ladies we must pay attention to their body language as well as what we hear.

Read on to discover more ways to make him mean it when he tells you that your pussy is good.

While having intercourse, squeeze, I mean really squeeze those kegel muscles! Squeeze on every up stroke if you can.  If you’re too wet or feels too loose, change positions.  Make your vagina the victorious one.

There is no such thing as sex just happening.  Every morning that you wake up is an opportunity to fuck. Make sure you shower and groom yourself every day in preparation for an impromptu romp. If your daily routine includes the gym after work, keep a fresh pack of cleansing wipes designed specifically for a woman’s delicate and most sensitive area. Give him a sweet treat to eat.  Keep some edible dusting powder stored discreetly in a small zippered plastic bag or a stylish compact case.  We prefer the small compact case with hidden compartments, but get two, one for our edible powders and another for our condoms.

Go for pussy power!  Train your pelvic walls.  Do kegel exercises every day, every hour (ok, that may not be possible for some, but on your way to work, in a meeting, during lunch – you get the idea). If you need more resistance for your vaginal walls, purchase pelvic floor exercise tools. They come in different shapes, from eggs to wands, and in a variety of weights.

Keep that kitty pretty. There is no better feeling than undressing and showing off a beautifully adorned kitty cat.  As part of your grooming process, consider changing your hair color down there, or trimming your hair in special designs or shapes.

For the woman who loves glitz and glamour, add some sparkling crystals to your pubic area.  Don’t worry about the crystals as they have adhesive backings so you can reposition them when they get moved around (and they will) during sex.

Claim your victory for your vagina and you too can have power in your pussy.

Cheat on Your Mate Without Getting Caught – Tips from the Cheaters

Committed relationships are not for everyone.  Occasionally you may find that your partner is lacking in one area or more but you aren’t totally ready to call it quits.  So you begin your search.  It’s like sending out your resume while you still have a job.  Lucky you!  Now you find yourself involved with two people.  Or maybe you know of someone in a similar situation but was caught too soon or was accused of  cheating and you thought, “Man! They should have done this or that”.  Well now here is your go to guide from cheaters to help keep from getting caught while cheating.

  1. Putting pass codes on your cell phones are a no-brainer nowadays, just don’t do it in front of your partner.

A.  When browsing the ‘net, be sure to use the “private browse” function on your computer.  It doesn’t store your history.

2. Make sure to put your cell phone on vibrate before you get around your lover, it is less conspicuous.  If your phone has a “silent” function, even better.  Sometimes the “vibrate” mode is too strong and you can actually ”hear” the vibrations.  It would suck to be you if you don’t respond.

3.  If you met your partner on any of the dating sites, or any social media site where others can leave comments on your page, make sure you:
A.  Let other people know you are in a relationship and acknowledge your commitment/devotion to your partner occasionally, this keeps your partner at bay for a while.
B.  Do not arrange dates with someone from the same site.   People have been known to plant bait – other people acting interested to see if their partner would fall for it.

Know your place and play your position.  You are the extra – the jump-off, not the main squeeze.  If you are the one they are cheating with, then make sure you and your partner have a plan mapped out in case of suspicion and/or confrontation and stick to your stories.

This will avoid conflict if ever you are contacted by the  main partner.  Do not say you are a cousin, or any type of relative.  That information can be too easily verified.

If you are ever caught together, use the “former colleague/boss when you were in high school” or in some cases, earlier story.

5.  If you are ever accused of cheating, do not admit guilt, ever. Accusations mean nothing.  Now if you do get busted (it’s because you didn’t read our tips on how NOT to get caught) accept responsibly for your actions and move on forward.

Never insult your mate’s intelligence by saying:

a.  it wasn’t you, but someone else, or

b.  it’s not what you think

6.  If your partner ever gives you electronic devices as a gift, disable them before you head out to meet your lover. GPS tracking capabilities are installed in virtually Everything.

7.  If you are cheating, this cannot be stressed enough. CASH is Not just KING, but an absolute REQUIREMENT.  Do not make purchases for your lover with your credit or debit card; do not pay for tickets or dinner with your card, EVER.  Taking the extra time to stop at the bank and make a withdrawal large enough, around the time you need to make a withdrawal just to have cash on hand so you don’t raise any eyebrows.

8.  Get a pre-paid cell phone that you can dump after your affair.  Keep it on silent and keep the phone away from your home.

9.  Avoid communications on social networking sites like Facebook with known former lovers. Facebook and the other sites have become the way for lonely individuals to attempt to reunite with old high school crushes. Even better – Do not even add them.

10.  Establish an alternate email address.  Use one of the many free email service providers not one you already use.  Ie, if you are known to use hotmail, create an msn email account, if you have msn, use yahoo!, and so on.

11.  Stop saving messages!  Yeah it’s nice and fun and sometimes erotic, to re-read and look at them, but get rid of the messages. Period. End of story.  You will avoid lots of headaches if your lover discovered them.

12.  If you live with your partner and make arrangements to go out with your lover, do not put on the good looking undergarments.  Put on the everyday ones. Take an extra set of underwear.  Find an excuse to go to the bathroom and change your underwear out your lovers view. Put on the “special underwear” you want to wear for your partner.  When you are finished with your rendezvous, put your regular undies back on and Mail your “special underwear” to yourself.  Ladies, wear a pantyliner in your regular “going back home” panties in case your love juices still happen to flow out of you.  Worried about smelling like sex or the condom?  Simple. Buy a sample sized bar of the soap you normally use at home, take it with you, use it after your loving, then Toss it away.

Hey, having extra lovers is more costly than you think.

13.  Condoms are a must.  For any sexual experience. Oral – use dental dams, or slice a condom lengthwise and cover the vagina or anus.  You don’t want to risk even  the slightest bit of suspicion.  Give head with the condom on.  Don’t get caught up in the moment thinking you want to taste your partner.  They are there for one purpose, to let you get off, not think they’re in love.

Make sure you use the same condoms with your new partner as you use with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Buy Lots of them. It’s easier to count the number missing from a 3pack of condoms than it is to count those missing from several dozen.
Also, it’s ok, to:

  • Drop an open condom on the floor or have some other mishap with it.
  • accidentally put-on a condom the wrong way.  This way, the unexplained used condoms can be shrugged off by saying, oh baby, we sure went crazy.

14.  Keep your hairstyle low maintenance.  Ladies, we all know you want to look extra sexy for your intimate interludes, however, it’s one thing to throw your clothes back on, but it’s easier to jump in your car with your hair in a ponytail and still look coiffed.

Take it with you!  Your fluids.  Didn’t we learn anything from the Monica Lewinski/Bill Clinton scandal?  Any trysts outside of your relationship demands the additional purchase of portable sex gear!  Invest in moisture proof bedroom accessories that can be collected after your passionate night out.  No wet spots on the bed, no raised eyebrows.

Following these methods won’t guarantee you won’t get caught ever, it is how to get away with cheating on your mate a little longer.

It is a Lot of work maintaining covert relationships.  Communicate with your current partner.  Let them know what you really want.  Be sure you are really ready for the commitment to be in a relationship and the work it requires to maintain one.

Coming Soon:  How do you tell the person you think you love that their sexual performance is trash

8 Sex Essentials for your Sexy Santa

For those who enjoy variety with your partner, we are giving you a list of eight sensual goodies for a Sexy Santa.


Reduce your risk of infections. Wipe your toys clean before and after each use.

You never can be too certain which direction you will go into first, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Make sure you and your partner are well lubed and let the adventure begin.

Well this is what you were waiting for. Have your favorite dils, vibrators, strap-ons, etc. Just make sure it is clean and nearby.

We all need to reduce the risk of infection (plus you can have so much fun with all of the new ones out there), so have an assortment handy.

Ever find yourself fantasizing about someone other than your current partner? Ever close your eyes during passion and wonder who is really pleasing you? Well, a blindfold can make the possibility a reality in your mind. If you open your eyes too soon, you won’t be disappointed since you will still be in the dark with this amazing “stranger”.

Perfect during role play for when you want to discipline or be disciplined for being oh so naughty.

Does your partner wriggle all over the place during throes of passion? Take Control!!! Tie them up! Cuff them to something, just don’t let them enjoy freedom.

Once you and your partner have satisfied after another, before either of you roll over to fall asleep, spritz a bit of breath freshener in your mouth. When you awaken from your blissful slumber, you can roll over and start fresh all over again.

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