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People ask all the time, “How do you give good head?” and “How do you keep from gagging?”  I tell them that I learned from unusual sources.  I’m no expert on oral sex, but I  learned mostly by brushing my teeth.

I had a hairy partner who used to give so much instruction on how he wanted it done that I felt like I

was in school.  After what I thought was a less than mediocre fellatio performance, I would always go into the bathroom to brush my teeth to get his little hairs and him out of my mouth.  I brushed and brushed and brushed.   Not so much for oral hygiene, although I did want to get him out of my mouth, but partly because I could practice my gag reflex while brushing my tongue.  It was either practice in private, or practice on too many guys who would not appreciate my efforts.  So armed with my toothbrush and my ego, I  would take my toothbrush and brush the back of my tongue so far back, I would almost throw up.  I did it so much that eventually, I was able to hit the little bally thing in the back of my throat without gagging.

Next, I would wet my mouth to get my lips and entire mouth dripping wet.  Yes it is sexy they way the water drips down.  Then I would stretch my lips and open my mouth as wide as I could while trying to look sexy.  Don’t waste your time, there’s nothing sexy about that look.

Then came the part my dentist could appreciate.  I brushed my teeth.  You know some people would keep the foam from building in their mouth because it looks nasty?  Well that wasn’t me.  The foamier, the better.  That’s when I practiced my “slurps”  I would spit the frothy spit over the sink, then slurp it back up.  Yep, it was that simple.

After all of that diligent oral hygiene, I was ready for the next time.  When the next time came, I was nervous I had dry mouth.  So I popped a curiously strong mint into my mouth and went to town.  I forgot to spit the mint out.   WHOA!  As soon as my mouth went down on his head, I knew that I had him! He moaned in what could only be ecstasy and I watched his toes curl, his hips thrust strongly and his moaning grunts of passion urging me to keep going.  My ego had skyrocketed and I remembered the tips I got from my dear Gay friends.  Boldly I put both hands on him and they went to work stroking him like I was twisting and churning butter.  My hands had a mind of their own.  It was as if they were working independently , yet together with my mouth.  Again my dear ego jumps in and want to show off.  I suck in my cheeks to get a mouthful of spit, cup my hands and fill them with all the wetness my mouth can produce and spit, not that dainty dribble either, I mean really spit all that moisture on him so I can stroke his head and shaft smoothly.  That’s when I would confidently, with the experience of a pro, delight and entertain him by lifting his penis ever so gently and inhaled his balls in my mouth.  Captivating him with my newly

Gently place the balls in your mouth and hum

found blowjob skills. Caressing his nuts in my mouth as if they were delicate quails’ eggs all while moaning, slurping & humming to my own beat.

Did I look up at him like they did in the porno’s?  Well, before I was armed with this powerful oral awareness — No, I mean what would I look at him for?  But now?  Hell yeah.  I glance up, not to really look to see “if” I’m doing a good job or “if” he is enjoying my performance.  I glance up to look at him and let my eyes tell him, “yeah, I know I’m amazing”.

I guess you’re wondering what happens when he finishes?  Do I swallow?  The answer depends on my mood.  Sometimes, I like to see my handiwork and let him shoot it wherever (I, too believe it’s great for the skin)  and rub it in or play with it.  Other times, I swallow.  The trick to that is, let him see it in your mouth first.  Your mouth will naturally water up the longer you hold it in your mouth, which will make it easier to swallow.  After you got it all down, open wide and show, “All gone.”