Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time

Improving Relationships, One Fucking Couple at a Time



5 Ways Our Holiday Gift Guide Can Find You the Love of Your (sex) Life

It’s that time of year when the holidays are staring you right in the face!  What are we going to do when we have so much love to give but not enough lovers to share it with?  Holiday Gift Guide

Read our Holiday Gift Guide and discover five bestsellers that will help you find the (self) love of your life!

First, as we reflect on the previous loves of our lives, we are fondly reminded of the people we loved, who happened to love us and other people at the same time.



Normally we would stay away from anyone who is categorized as a womanizer, but this is not human!   With 5 intensity levels, and deceptively focused, this popular and sexy device has women going insane in less time than it takes to boil an egg.



Any time you can experience strap free and non-intrusive stimulation, you get a bonus.  Eva’s flexible, smooth and silicone wings allow her to snuggle comfortably inside of a woman’s labia majora offering satisfying couples or solo play stimulating.


210th EXPERIENCE Body Mask




Cleanses and nourishes the skin. This body mask contains China Clay which helps exfoliate the skin. The Body mask has a hydrating action, making the skin feel silky soft and smooth after use. Elegantly packaged in black glass.



Ready to play?  Unlock your partner’s carnal desires with Beau. The aphrodisiac and pheromone infused cologne will draw her in with the masculine musk fragrance, and show off your ruggedness

Tres Magnifique!


You want to add the delicate and stunning Desir Metallic Back and Shoulder piece to adorn your body. Bijoux Indiscrets designs magnificent pieces in their Desir Metallic Collection in this metallic back and shoulder body ornament.

Which of these gifts would help your in your search to find the love of your (sex) life?  Let us know in the comments.



Shop the Perfect Gifts – 14 Unique Gifts this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when you want to buy that special someone something extraordinary. Shop our most popular and exciting gifts of the season and receive complimentary holiday shipping this season.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
Lux LX4 Rechargeable Men’s Pleasure ring
Holiday gift Ideas
Agent Noir E-Stim Neon Wand Kit
Holiday Gift Ideas
JimmyJane Contour M Ceramic Stone
Holiday Shopping Gift Ideas
Liberator Black Label Hipster
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
Aneros Vice P Massager
Unique Holiday Shopping Ideas
JULIETTE Leather & Lace Cuffs
Unique Holiday gift Ideas
Nalone Rhythm X2
Holiday Shopping JimmyJane After Dark Gift Set
JimmyJane After Dark Gift Set
Holiday Gift
LELO Flickering Touch Special Packaging Massage Oil Candle
Perfect Gift Idea Anas Trilogy 3
Ana’s Trilogy 3
Amber Butt Plug embracedesires sex toys
Amber and Swarovski Plug
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
LELO Adore Me Gift Set
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
We-Vibe 4+ Couples Gift
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
Desir Metallique Gold Collar

New Release We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection

It seems the idea of having better sex is a popular one. Around the world, millions of people are already enjoying the growing line of elegant, high-quality and body-safe sexual wellness products. We-Vibe® is a global sensation, garnering rave reviews, massive media coverage and major awards. From sexual health and relationship experts to industry insiders and opinion-makers — everyone loves We-Vibe.

We Vibe Passionate Play collection

Now We-Vibe releases the Passionate Play Collection and you can get yours now .  The perfect gift for a happy couple, the We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection includes a limited-edition aqua blue We-Vibe 4 Plus, pearl white Tango and Silky Sash for fun play. This kit makes a fantastic wedding, anniversary, bridal shower or birthday gift for those who are tired of the ordinary. The We-Vibe 4 Plus provides 10 modes plus custom vibration playlists and a wireless remote control that can also be used with the We-Connect app. The rechargeable Tango offers powerful, quiet vibrations in 8 modes and can also be matched with any of the We-Vibe Dusk or Glow. The bonus Silky Sash can be used as a blindfold or gentle restraint.

7 Simple Steps to Naturally Cure Yeast Infections

apothecary lables 2

Things you will need:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – (ACV) is one of nature’s strongest antibiotics. It can kill just about every bacteria, virus and protozoa it comes into contact with. And candida albicans are definitely on its list! Not only does ACV help to get rid of yeast fungus, it also helps to recolonise the intestines and vagina with friendly bacteria (lactobacillus). Once this occurs, the healthy bacteria will act as a powerful guard, so to speak, and stop the bad bacteria (candida) from returning.
  • Neem Oil – soothes itchiness, redness and irritation.
  • Neem Capsules – taking neem internally has the ability to make the immune system stronger and helps a person rid its body of illnesses that may weaken the body.
  • Chia Seeds – Full of antioxidants , Omega 3’s and fiber. All necessary for a stronger immune system.
  • Spirulina – one of the most nutritious, concentrated whole foods known to humankind. provides:
    • 60% protein and an excellent source of Vitamins A, K1, K2, B12 and Iron, Manganese, and Chromium*
    • Rich source of health-giving phytonutrients such as carotenoids, GLA, SOD, and phycocyanin*

There’s nothing to spoil your sexy night that you have been planning on than the onset of a yeast infection (except maybe a gift from Aunt Flo). We’ve been there, and through some experimenting and research, we’ve found that the best way to alleviate the symptoms of a yeast infection and get everything back on track is going au naturale.

What is a yeast infection?

A yeast infection is irritation of the vagina and the area around the vulva caused by the overgrowth of the fungus, Candida albicans.

What are the signs of a yeast infection?

The most common signs of a yeast infection are extreme itchiness in and around the vagina. Other symptoms may also include: Burning, redness and swelling of the vagina and vulva, pain when urinating, pain during sex, soreness, a thick white discharge from the vagina that looks like cottage cheese but does not have a bad odor.

How to treat a yeast infection naturally?

1. Fill a glass of about 6 to 8 ounces of water.

2. Add 1 teaspoon of chia seeds to the water and let the Chia seeds soak while you’re taking a sitz bath.

3. Pour about 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in your bath water.

4. Soak for about twenty minutes.

5. Pat your body dry, be extra careful to pat the vagina dry or use a blow dryer on the lowest setting.

6. Soak a cotton ball with Neem oil and gently apply to the effected areas: vagina, around the lips and anus.

7. Now that you are out of the bathroom, go back to your cup of water with the chia seed. Add a teaspoon of spirulina to the water with the chia seeds in it. Stir and take two Neem capsules. We like to add low sugar (under 7g of sugars) cranberry juice to our drink and enjoy.

If you want to really super charge the healing process, you can add a shot of wheatgrass to the drink.

You should now start to feel relief from the symptoms Repeat until the visible overgrowth of yeast is eliminated.

In fewer days than taking prescribed or over the counter medicine, you will not only feel better, but you would have given your immune system an incredible boost.

During this time, it is important to eat properly. Avoid processed and sugary foods and beverages. When fighting off yeast infections, your body needs proteins and it needs to be able to eliminate waste as it kills off the bad bacteria.

Try this protein rich dish. The fiber rich quinoa will help move the unhealthy bacteria and the overgrowth of yeast from your system.

Quick Quinoa dish

Cook quinoa as instructed on package (substitute vegetable or chicken stock for the water when cooking).

After quinoa is cooked, add can of wild salmon, drained

1 bunch of fresh chopped parsley

2 large cucumbers

Diced tomatoes (use as many as you like)

Handful of chopped cilantro (only because we like cilantro)

Few sprigs of fresh tarragon.

Mix all together in bowl and spray Braggs liquid amino for seasoning


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These Stylish and Luxurious Sex Toys Are Made to be Seen in Public

ladies harness, couture lingerie spareparts bella harness
BELLA Couture Lingerie Harnesese luxurious and stylish sexy accessories

Luxurious and stylish sexy accessories to enjoy in and out of the bedroom.

Gone are the days of hiding your sex toys. Innovative and forward-thinking companies have designed sex toys and accessories that are made to be viewed and enjoyed out in public.

Now when you get ready for your evening out, you don’t have to hide all of your sexy accoutrements.

temporary tattoos temp tattoos gold
Temporary Tattoos Gold Ink

Temporary Tattoos

We know that temporary tattoos aren’t necessarily a sex toy, but they certainly are sexy!

Desir Metallic – Gold Collar

When Bijoux Indiscrets came onto the scene years ago, we knew they were going to be a hit.  This  provocative and sophisticated brand of erotic products from Spain has many luxe looking and affordable pieces for women.

bijoux indescrets desir metallic soft bdsm
Bijoux Indiscrets – Desir Metallique

BELLA Couture Lingerie Ladies Harness

ladies harness, couture lingerie spareparts bella harnessBella is a distinctly dangerous blend of sensuality, sophistication, and drama—and the most intoxicating lingerie harness we have seen yet!  From the midnight rendezvous to the morning motorcycle ride, Bella’s ready. With BELLA, everything smolders: delicate stretchable lace, a cascading bow, and the perfect peek of rear cleavage. Bella cuts a stunning silhouette—and casts a spell impossible to shake. Bella’s breathable, barely-there fabric is luxuriously soft and ideal for all-day wear.

50 Shades of Grey Christian Grey Necktie

50 shades of grey necktie embracedesires sensual products pleasure items



No rendezvous is complete without a little bit of role play. Let the fantasy become a reality with Christian Grey’s Tie. Made from luxurious silver and grey quilting, it’s a soft and versatile accessory that can be enjoyed both in and out of the bedroom.




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Penis Rings 101

LELO Tor II Gentlemen's Pleasure Ring embracedesiresPenis rings, cock rings, pleasure rings, whatever you want to call them, are all designed to achieve the same results.  Penis rings are designed to maintain erections and possibly create more intense orgasms. They are worn around the base of the penis, or around the penis and testicles, and restrict the blood flow from leaving the penis.

Reasons To Wear a Penis Ring

Constricting the blood flow to the penis makes the erection give the illusion that the penis is larger than it is.  Who wouldn’t want to see a nice stiff erection right before you “do the do”?

Additionally, penis rings can be a fun and exciting addition to anyone’s sex life, whether partnered or flying solo.  Rings are most commonly worn for the following reasons:

♦ Creates firmer, longer lasting erections

♦ More intense orgasms

♦ Assists men who have trouble maintaining erections

♦ Gives the penis a different look, making it appear longer

♦ When you find the right penis ring for you, it will just feel good – almost like the penis or testicles have a firm grip around them.

How to Measure PenisHow Do I Measure For a Penis Ring?

To find the right pleasure ring, you will need to do some basic math.  Don’t worry, we will not give you a test on it later.

For penis rings to be worn at the base of the penis, take a piece of string or soft measuring tape (like the ones in a fabric store or in grandma’s sewing box) and wrap it around the base of an ERECT penis ONE TIME to get your circumference.  For rings worn around the penis AND testicles, measure and wrap around behind the testicles and as close to the body as you can.

Because ring sizes are given in diameter, you will need to divide your number by 3.14
For example – if the penis measures 6″ ÷ 3.14 = 1.91.  A ring that is smaller than 1.91″ but within .25″ – .5″ will be needed to ensure a comfortable fit without constricting too much.

What Kind of Ring Should I Choose?Choosing a Penis Ring embracedesires

You can select from adjustable (great for beginners – they allow the user to get a feeling of what a penis ring can offer, while also providing the security that the ring can be removed quickly if the sensations become too intense)  to non adjustable rings (for the more experienced user and those comfortable with how intense the sensations can be – usually worn behind the testicles).  It is important to choose one that has a firm enough grip around the penis, yet is comfortable enough so that it does not completely cut off blood circulation.

How Do I Put on a Penis Ring?

Adjustable rings can be put on at anytime during an erection by simply stretching or strapping the ring so that it fits snugly around the base of the penis or behind the testicles.  Since they are flexible, they can also be removed easily at anytime.

Firm non adjustable rings:
Always start with a limp, non-erect (flaccid) penis
Holding the ring under the testicles, insert one testicle at a time
Pull the penis through the ring and adjust for comfort

To remove the firm, non-adjustable ring, the penis must go back down to its flaccid state and then reverse the above steps.

How Long Should I Wear a Penis Ring

How long to wear a penis ringTo prevent damage or bruising to your penis, a ring should only be worn for no more than 20 minutes.  This will prevent the ring from completely constricting blood flow or cause bruising.  If any discomfort is felt at any time, the ring should be removed as quickly as possible.

To find your perfect penis pleasure ring, visit our Men’s Shop

A Few of Our Favorite Things

People have asked us what are some of our all time favorites.  Now that isn’t really fair, because we believe that all of the products we offer are great and we would definitely try each one of them as soon as we could.  But, we must admit we do have our favorites and decided to share them with you.

Liberator Fascinator Throe (“Big Red” as we affectionately call it)

This lil cover really sucks!  In a good way.  It disguises itself as a boudoir throw blanket.  But it is so much more.  It’s soft.  It’s sensual fabric makes you want to lay on it.  It’s THIRSTY!  It absorbs your love juices the way you wish your sheets would.  Just lay your throe on top of your bed before playtime and it really absorbs the juices that your or your matter have squirted, or skeeted. We love it because when you want to recuperate in between sex rounds, you can just move the Fascinator Throe and no one has to lay in the wet spot.  When your up for round 2 (or more – lucky you!) Your Liberator Fascinator Throe is ready and eager to drink you up.

Kyng condoms.
We were a little skeptical at Lifestyles coming out with its own line of condoms made specifically for larger men.  The packaging looked like it was going to be a regular size condom, with a regular size fit.  But when he put it on and said that it was more comfortable and had less residue than the Trojan brand Magnum condom (“I don’t know what type of lube they put on the Magnums, but you gotta use gasoline to get It off”)  we used to use, I knew this was going to be the King in our condom stash.

Vajazzle Body jewelry
Of our many sensual addictions, we have to admit, getting a Brazilian wax is definitely one of them, followed by us adorning our lady bits with rows and rows of a temporary tattoo made up of sparkling studs. There is something sensually exciting about being able to view the entire vagina in all of its plump moistness during foreplay.  Having your vajayjay accented by Vajazzling it with Swarovski crystals is very High on our list.

Swiss Navy Lube
Nothing says loving like a healthy dose of anal sex.  And when we indulge, we reach for two products:

1. Adventure Fresh Orange Anal Relaxing Spray.

It must be the delicious sultry scent of Oranges and Clove that really relaxes us or maybe, it works that well.  Anywho, we love it

2.  The Bottle of Swiss Navy Lube.  Hell, if the boys out to sea were to use this… Ok, must stay focused.  But Swiss Navy lube is the TRUTH!!!!

It lubes up that ass and you don’t have to constantly reapply – that just destroys the fun anyway!

When it comes to Restraints, we have a “tie”
LELO Etherea Silk Cuffs (right)

Incoqnito Neck Tie (below)

These are just a few of our favorite things.  We will surely update our list as we add more awesome “sexcessories” to the website.

Join us on and tell us about your favorite products from

March 24 2012 Save 25% Online Sale

Housecleaning.  Hate it.  Taking inventory.  Ugh.

I remember when I used to work in a large department store and my boss told me that I had to clean out and rearrange AND take inventory of a stock room.  WHAT???? Was he kidding?  That stock room was a mess, yet he expected me to get it cleaned up.  He kept using the analogy, “think of it as cleaning out your garage”.  Who was he kidding?  I was nineteen years old, with no car, let alone a garage, so I had no clue what this reference of his was all about.  Man, was I thankful I had a great support staff.  I delegated that task to them.

What does that have to do with pleasure products and other intimate accessories you wonder?  Well…everything!  Fast forward a couple of decades and after visiting some garage sales of my own, on Saturday, March 24, 2012 from 7-9am EST will have its own “garage” sale, only it will be all online!

I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store.  Or perhaps more like a sex addict in a sex toy shop.  Man, was I excited to find out that we would be carrying the Booty Parlor brand once again.  Especially that Pink Caviar Body Scrub with Pheromones!  Image

I mean, I love eating caviar.  It reminds me of the lavish holiday parties my former fiance’ would take me to and I would find the servers with the tiny cucumber rounds with a dollop of creme fraiche, topped with caviar and sipping on champagne all while wearing over priced lingerie. mmmmm.  deliciously decadent.

Every time I think of caviar, or have some to snack on, I anticipate incredible sex.  Go figure.  Perhaps that is why I became so turned on when I saw the caviar scrub by Booty Parlor.  Caviar AND pheromones, together?  What better combination?  After all, caviar is filled with essential minerals and nutrients as it makes your skin look great.  Then you have the pheromones attracting the attention of a potential suitor, hey, what could be better?

Ok, so I love the decadent, the luxurious, and the extravagant.  I deserve it all and so do you.  That is why we are proud to offer Booty Parlor to you.


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